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How To Stay On Trend With Gym Product Selection

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Thursday, October 18, 2018


Choosing the right equipment and gear for your home gym is not something to rush into. You want to invest in equipment that performs well, holds up to constant use, and will help you achieve the level of fitness that you desire. Before you head out to purchase any gym products locally or online, keep these tips in mind. Doing so will help you avoid decisions that could derail your efforts at getting fit.

What’s Your Current Fitness Level?

Before you decide to purchase any gym products, it’s a good idea to undergo a complete physical examination. The plan is to determine your current fitness level and take it into account when you start looking at gym equipment. Perhaps now is not the time to invest in certain types of machines.

Until your level improves, sticking with basics like jump ropes, chin-up bars, and simple weights would be best. A bench that’s designed for everything from simple weight lifting to performing sit-ups would be a good idea too. Remember that you can always add other equipment once your fitness level is higher.

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

It helps to have specific goals when you begin any type of exercise program. Avoid generalities and make a list of specific things you want to accomplish and the time frame in which you want to reach those goals. That helps to give form and focus to your workouts.

For example, your goal may be to lose a certain amount of pounds in six months. You also want your waist size to be down to a certain figure at the end of that time. Perhaps you also want to have your stomach toned in that length of time.

By having specific goals, you’ll find it easier to locate discount equipment for gyms designed to help you target those areas. The goals also improve the odds of knowing when it’s time to invest in more gym products that move you closer to the goals when the first round of equipment is no longer providing much of a challenge.

How Much Room Do You Have for Equipment?

Working out at home does mean figuring out where to place your gym equipment. Do you have a basement that can be converted into your own personal workout space? Perhaps you will need to set everything up in one corner of the bedroom or possibly a spare room. Whenever possible, go with equipment choices that you can leave set up and ready to use at a moment’s notice. This eliminates the excuse of needing time to drag everything out of the closet or from under the bed before you get to the exercise part.

What Sort of Exercises Do You Enjoy?

Your fitness efforts will likely involve performing some exercises that are new and will take some time to master. Feel free to mix in some exercises that you know well and enjoy doing. Some sort of balance in the routine ensures there is always some aspect that you like as well as those that you are learning to like.

Are you ready to start checking out options for discount equipment for gyms? If you have your answers to the questions above, the answer is yes. Once your home gym is set up, get busy. In less time than you expected, those workouts will produce noticeable results.

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How To Choose Your Training Weights

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Congratulations on the decision to get in shape. Even if it’s been years since you worked out regularly, choosing to exercise several times of week with the right weights will produce results quickly. From weighted vests to barbells, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right training weights and be on the way to physical fitness.

Start With the Weight Designs

As with most gym products, training weights come in multiple forms. You have the option of in-vesting in some free weights that are ideal for simple lifting exercises. There are also weighted vests you can wear when you walk or run. Don’t overlook the value of investing in ankle weights that you can also wear as you engage in different forms of exercise.

It’s not just about having gym equipment that adds resistance when you perform certain exer-cises. There’s also the variety factor to consider. By including different designs in your collection of weights, you can diversify the workout and keep it interesting. Doing so increases the odds that you will not grow bored with your workouts and end up finding reasons to skip them.

Consider the Materials

If you are unsure what sort of weights would be best during the early stages of your training, get some suggestions from a professional. That same expert may have some good ideas on where you can find discount equipment for gyms that will work equally well for your home workout.

What sort of weights would work best for different types of workouts? You may find that the basic metal weights are best for you. Perhaps weights filled with concrete are ideal for certain exercises. You certainly want vests to come with weights that can fill as many or as few com-partments as you can handle right now.

Take a Good Look at the Grips

While much of emphasis is on the type of weights, consider how easily you can grip each of them. The better gym products make it simple to get a firm grip. Doing so provides more con-trol over the weight and allows you to enjoy more benefits from each workout.

Remember that grips designed to work well for hands of a certain size won’t work equally well for hands of a different size. Find out what works for you and focus on equipment that you can grip firmly even as you begin to increase the weight.

Settling On How Heavy The Weights Should Be

How much weight should you use in the early stages? Depending on your level of fitness, opt for gym equipment what allows you to begin with a relatively small amount and gradually add more weight. Vests with multiple pockets makes it easy to add weight when less amounts no longer provide much of a challenge. The same is true with barbells that are designed to add more weight from time to time.

Your goal is to select weights that challenge but do not overwhelm you. Consider different types of discount equipment for gyms carefully and it won’t be long until you find those workouts are enjoyable even as they help you build muscle and lose excess pounds.

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What Types of Flooring Should You Consider for Your Gym?

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Saturday, September 22, 2018


You've decided to convert the basement into a full home gym. Now the question is what sort of flooring would work best for the space. Along with providing proper support, you want a solution for gym flooring that’s easy to maintain. Fortunately, there are several choices for gym floors to consider. Here are a few that you will want to compare closely.

Tongue and Groove Wooden Flooring

Have you ever been to a health club and noticed that they have beautiful wooden floors in the weight rooms and other workout areas? There’s a good chance that what you are really looking at is recycled wood that’s been shaped into panels or tiles with a tongue and groove design.

This type of gym flooring can be used for a home workout room for all the same reasons health club owners love this choice. The material is durable and holds up well to a lot of traffic. You’ll find that it’s easy to maintain, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning and caring for the floor.

The installation, especially if the floor panels do have that classic tongue and groove design, will not take long. Add the right type of padding underneath and it will have just the right amount of give to alleviate undue stress on your joints when you work out.

Rubber Tiles

Another option to consider is rubber tiles. They would install over a concrete floor with relative ease. Many people find that the tiles provide just the right amount of support and enough softness to make getting on the floor for push-ups or sit-ups to be comfortable even if you aren’t using a mat.

As with the wooden gym flooring, it’s not unusual for the rubber tiles to come with some sort of interlocking design. That makes the installation easy and fast. You could literally start installing the flooring in the morning and have it in place by noon.

If you should damage a tile, replacing it is simple. All you would need to do is lift the damaged tile out of position and insert a new one. Given how durable rubber happens to be, it could be years before any of the tiles need to be replaced. This is one of the more popular gym floors for home gyms simply because it’s so simple to install and care for. Best of all, it comes in many different colours. That makes it all the easier to add something bright to the space.

Rubber Rolls

While you could go with tiles, don’t overlook the benefits associated with rolls or rubber flooring. This solution for gym floors is also easy to install. Depending on the brand and the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will want to apply some type of adhesive or tape to help hold the rolls in position.

In terms of quality, the rolls are usually made of the same high-grade rubber as the tiles. They do provide a slightly more seamless look and also come in a variety of colours.

Interlocking Grass Tiles

Maybe you would like the home gym to have a bit of an outdoor feel. One way to accomplish that and still ensure there’s a functional surface for your workouts is to go with interlocking grass tiles. Made using artificial turf and with backing designed to provide the support you need, these are as simple to install as wooden or rubber tiles. Vacuuming them from time to time is the bulk of maintained they will need. As with other tile solutions, you can always replace a damaged one with ease.

There’s a good chance that the grass tiles are made using recycled materials. For people who want their gym floors to be environmentally friendly as well as practical, this solution is hard to beat. In terms of longevity, these tiles could last for as long as two decades.

Foam Flooring Tiles

Foam is another option you will want to consider for your gym flooring. It tends to provide a little more cushioning than you would find with the other flooring options.  The shock absorbing qualities are helpful in terms of easing stress on leg muscles. Since the material repels moisture, it’s simple to wipe down the tiles and keep them clean.

If you are creating a home gym in the basement, temperature control may be an issue. You’ll find that the insulating qualities of foam flooring tiles is a real plus in the space. Your home heating and cooling system will not have to work as hard to keep the temperature comfortable even if you are working out on a hot summer day or the coldest night during the winter months.         

Foam Flooring Rolls

Just as you can invest in rubber flooring rolls, foam flooring is available in this design. You get the same flexibility, cushioning, insulation, and water-repelling qualities as you would with foam tiles. The rolls install quickly and hold up well to a lot of use. This flooring will more than make up for the initial investment as the years pass.

Remember that foam flooring also comes in a variety of colours. You can choose something that helps to brighten the space and perhaps make it feel a little more expansive. That’s especially helpful if you are converting the basement to a home gym. With only a little natural light, a brighter shade for the flooring paired with a mirrored wall and decent overhead lighting will ensure you don’t feel closed in while you work out.

Choosing the right flooring for your home gym is almost as important as selecting the right workout equipment. Take the task seriously, compare the qualities of each option, and go with the one that seems to be the best fit. Your efforts will pay off in terms of having gym flooring that looks great and performs well for a long time.

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Dumbbells Sets are the New at Home Fitness Trend: Here's Why!

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Thursday, August 30, 2018

Not everyone finds it easy to get to the gym regularly. Other people prefer to work out in the comfort of their homes even when they could carve out time for workouts at a fitness club. Whatever the reason for working out at home, you want to have at least a couple of sets of dumbbells on hand. They provide quite a few benefits, which is one of the reasons they are such a popular way to work out at home. Here are some of the other reasons that dumbbell sets are a must for your home workout.

An Inexpensive Way to Get Started 

It’s possible to spend quite a bit of money on home gym equipment. The thing is not everyone has the cash on hand to buy all sorts of benches, presses, and other items right off the bat. Over time, it’s possible to add something new now and then and end up with a fully-equipped home gym. In the meantime, there’s the need to get started with something that provides a decent workout without spending a lot of money. ​

That’s where dumbbells come into the picture. Of all the equipment on the market today, it’s hard to find something that would be more affordable. You can find great deals on sets that sell strength equipment online as well as at local fitness shops. Best of all, you can start out with a single set of dumbbells and then add more from time to time. Along the way, you get to enjoy the health benefits of including them in your workout.

They Don’t Take Up a Lot of Space

What sort of home workout area do you have available? Are you basically working out in the corner of your bedroom or possibly on the patio? Maybe you have cleaned out the basement with plans to convert it into a full home gym. Whatever the situation you want dumbbells to be part of the planning.

Of all the different types of fitness equipment, these tend to take up very little space. If you are working out in your bedroom, a pair can often be slid under the bed when not in used. You can tuck a rack in a corner of the patio and they are easily accessed but out of the way when you use the space for other purposes.  Even if you are creating a home gym, have a rack with your dumbbell sets over in one corner means more room for benches, resistance machines, and other types of equipment.

If a rack would be helpful, you can find them along with other strength equipment online. Along with ensuring the weights are handy without taking up much space, you’ll also find it easier to keep multiple sets properly organized.

A Quick and Easy Learning Curve

It’s hard to think of any type of exercise equipment that’s easier to master than a set of dumbbells. You may not think you are the most coordinated person in the world, but learning basic routines using these weights will be much easier than you think. Along with allowing you to begin building strength and endurance, the self-confidence that comes from performing the exercises properly will motivate you to try more complex fitness equipment. That’s a good thing for your health in the years to come.

Remember that you don’t have to start by learning several different exercises at one time. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose one and master it before adding another one to the mix. It won’t take long to feel comfortable with several exercises and notice that the time passes quickly when you work out.

A Great Approach to Joint Isolation Workouts

The nice thing about dumbbells is that they are so versatile. Use them for joint isolation workouts if there is some area of the body that you specifically want to improve. Shoulder raises and bicep curls are just two of the area-specific exercises you can perform. Keep in mind that as you build muscle, the resistance offered by your current pair may not be much of a challenge. That’s when you find a site that sells strength equipment online and invest in a set that’s heavier and will help you continue toning and increasing muscle mass.

They Also Work for Full-Body Workouts

As great as dumbbell sets are for joint isolation exercises, they are also helpful for full-body workouts. It’s possible to use them to work the leg muscles, work the shoulders and chest at the same time, or even as part of a routine to tone and strengthen your core. Whether you use them in tandem with a weight bench or while stretched out on an exercise mat, it’s simple enough to design a routine that allows you to work out the entire body and promote greater flexibility and muscle proportion.

Don’t Overlook the Cardiovascular Benefits

Through it all, remember that using dumbbell sets responsibly does more than tone and build muscle. Many of the exercises you perform will also benefit your heart. As you get into the habit of working out at home, you’ll notice that your heart rate returns to normal a lot sooner than it did at first. That’s because the workout is helping to strengthen the heart muscle and ensure that it pumps blood through the body more efficiently. Only good things can come from having a stronger heart, so keep using those dumbbells.

Are you convinced that a dumbbell set needs to be part of your home workout equipment? Do some shopping for strength equipment online today and compare different pairs and sets. Pay attention to features that provide more even weight distribution and also allow you to hold and grip them with greater ease. After you get into the habit of using them several times a week, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without including home workouts in your schedule.

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The Best Canadian Dumbbells On A Bundle

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Friday, August 10, 2018

There’s no doubt that a set of dumbbells is one of the most versatile types of workout equipment you could own. The trick is purchasing the right ones for your current needs. Here are some things you should know in order to buy dumbbells that will help you enhance the workout effort and move you close to your fitness goals.

Understanding There’s More Than One Type of Dumbbell

You probably have a specific image of a dumbbell in your mind right this minute. That image is influenced by the type of dumbbells you’ve seen in the past. What you may not realize is there are more types and designs that most people realize. Taking things one step further, those different designs don’t always work exactly the same way.

There are important differences between round and square dumbbells. Rubber versus metal is another factor that influences how you go about using them to best effect. Adjustable weights require a slightly different approach from fixed weights.

Before you purchase dumbbells of any type, it pays to understand how each type works and which ones would work best in terms of providing the kind of workout you want. Once you narrow the range of choices down a little, you can move on to the next step.

Size and Weight Matter

With the style settled, move on to the size and weight that works best for you. In terms of size, you want something that is easy for you to balance and grip. The best results occur when you are able to control the dumbbell with relative ease.

Along with making sure the dumbbell is perfectly proportioned to ensure a firm grip, you also want to think about the weight. Where are you in your journey to being physically fit? If you are just starting out, begin with dumbbells that are light enough to handle but heavy enough to present a challenge without too much strain. As you begin to tone your muscles and increase your endurance, it will be time to graduate to heavier weights.

Proper Storage and Maintenance

Whatever decision you make about which weights to buy, think about investing in a dumbbell rack. The rack helps to keep the weights organized by size and weight. Since there are so many exercises you can do with these weights, being able to grab what you need quickly means your workouts will go more smoothly. It also means you have a place to put the dumbbell away once you finish with it. That’s especially important in a home gym where you may not have a lot of room to work out in the first place.

Working out with these types of weights can be a lot of fun, especially if you learn how to select and buy dumbbells properly. Put these tips to good use and it won’t take long to purchase dumbbells that help you firm up and build muscles with relative ease. Add a dumbbell rack to the purchase and you will be set for many hours of fruitful and enjoyable workouts.

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