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Why are Home Workouts Harder?

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Monday, March 22, 2021

Working out from home has recently been all the rage as compared to going to your local fitness centre or gym. Previously, gym memberships were skyrocketing with the health club industry growing at a staggering rate of nearly 9% annually and generating $94 billion in revenue! All of this success however has proven unreliable in the face of the pandemic.

With restrictions remaining in place for the foreseeable future, people needed a more convenient and reliable method of getting a good workout while also saving on time and money. Home gym sales have soared over the course of 2020 with the NPD estimating revenue of health and fitness equipment at $2.3 billion in the US alone.

All of a sudden, it seemed unnecessary to have to drive to someplace to get your workout when you can have gym and fitness equipment shipped directly to your door within a matter of weeks to install our own personal home gym in your basement or garage. By doing so, people no longer had to be subject to rules about booking in advance, social distancing regulations and having to wear a mask while working out. 

Why Home Gyms Are So Important

With people living increasingly sedentary lifestyles in which now the only thing required everyday to work is to get out of bed and sit down at a desk in the next room over behind a computer screen, the health effects have been drastic.

Obesity rates have risen as a result of the pandemic with people being cooped up in their homes and increasingly plagued by the conditions that come with increased obesity rates such as increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Rates of anxiety and insomnia have also increased amongst the general populace with financial burdens and stress becoming a greater concern.

What home gyms excel at is being available 24/7 no matter the season. What this exercise does is improve your cardiovascular health by decreasing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It also decreases rates of anxiety and insomnia as shown with exercise decreasing levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone with regular exercising leading to more and better quality of sleep compared to those who didn’t exercise.

How Home Workouts Work Against Us

People can sometimes find it difficult to focus on long-term goals compared to immediate pleasure or discomfort. Moving the gym into the home simply reduces the long list of excuses a person can use to take a day off but it doesn’t change our inherent behaviour.

Exercise is hard, especially for beginners. It’s uncomfortable, it makes you sweat, it forces you to push yourself to the limits and leaves you a tired mess in the end. When only thinking of the present, who would ever opt for that? 

Your brain is a massive machine made up of billions of neurons that consumes about 20% of your body’s energy even though it only constitutes 2% of your body’s mass. Your brain is greedy, but it also tries to conserve energy whenever possible. The aches that you may get after a good workout are a result of your muscles being broken down and then repaired into newer, stronger ones. Unfortunately, that also takes a lot of energy and the brain isn’t a huge fan.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Our brains today are still the same ones that patrolled the forests, savannahs, and plains tens of thousands of years ago and it still believes that that is where you are. It believes that food, especially high-fat food is in short supply and that saving energy is the only way to survive. Nowadays however, with our abundance of food, we need to fight this habit in order to stay healthy and not succumb to being binge-eating couch potatoes.

When going to exercise, although your conscious self knows that the workout will do you good at the end of the day, your unconscious self doesn’t care for such future goals. Instead, it simply wants to relax and take in life’s pleasures. Gym equipment unfortunately doesn’t fit into that picture.

Rest Now, Work Later

Another problematic aspect to working out from home are the constant distractions. Although far more convenient, a home workout doesn’t offer you the same vibrant atmosphere as your local fitness centre. Perhaps you’re running on your treadmill at home or doing bench presses when you’re called upstairs by your spouse to help take out the garbage or to help the kids pack for after school activities.

At home, there are a million more distractions, all ones that your brain takes as a quick ticket to get out of having to do work. Another great aspect of the fitness centre is the environment.

It has been shown that people tend to be far more productive when they see others around them being just as productive. Have you ever had the energy and motivation rush into you as soon as you enter your gym to see others just like you working out. The very sight of them working out gave you the strength and motivation to do the same.

Getting the Most Out of Your Home Gym

At the end of the day, working out from home is a sort of double-edged sword. On one hand, you have the power to control when and how you work out with any restrictions placed on you which in theory gives you the ability to have longer, better, and more efficient workout sessions.

On the other hand, exercising from home brings in psychological problems of constant distractions, lack of motivation and laziness that trample many people’s efforts. It is this that makes exercising from home so difficult, your own mind. When you see others sweating bullets all around you, it motivates you to do the same but when everyone around you is eating dinner, sleeping, or settled down to watch a movie, you’ve suddenly lost all your drive.

What is crucial is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to stop yourself from getting in your own way to achieve the results you know you’re capable of. For any workout, you need high quality yet affordable gym and fitness equipment, visit Fitness Avenue to find a variety of different gym equipment machines, weights, accessories and more!

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Best Smart Home Gyms Workout Apps in 2021

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Monday, March 22, 2021

Staying physically fit and active is not something to be taken lightly, especially in an environment that continuously makes it more and more difficult to do so. Leading a healthy lifestyle in today’s world has become more and more of a luxury. With our jobs increasingly being centered in front of a computer screen sitting at our desks, the COVID pandemic has only accelerated the trend by now that all it takes to go to work is get out of bed and sit down at your desk in the next room over.

All in all, people have been attempting to undercut this trend by deliberately making more time during the day for workouts. For instance, according to a 2019 global report by the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association), the fitness industry saw membership grow to a record-high of 183 million members and revenue totalling an estimated $94 billion with an annual global growth rate of 8.7%. This massive increase in demand also hiked membership prices, and then came the equalizer, COVID-19.

Suddenly, all gyms and fitness centres were closed and when they were open, they could only allow a few people inside and under stringent restrictions which made working out far more of a chore. That is why the future of fitness is not located in some high-tech fitness facility but instead right inside your own home. 

Easy, Accessible and Reliable

People are always willing to find some excuse to escape their workout routines for a day. That list of excuses just grows longer when you have to dress up, pack and drive to your local community centre to pay for a pass that only allows you to come in on a first come first serve booking basis and forces you to keep a mask on.

On the other hand, having your very own home gym in your basement or garage gives you the freedom to exercise at your leisure 24/7 without that nagging voice in your head telling you not to go.

An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Working out isn’t simply a means to flex your muscles but also crucial to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Physical exercise has been shown to decrease risks of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The increased strength of your muscles, joints and bones also have an added effect of decreasing your risk of injury and decreasing risks of diseases such as arthritis. 

However, the greatest benefits of exercise are surprisingly, not physical. Exercise is proven to reduce the levels of the cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone and stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s painkillers. What this does is generally lessen levels of anxiety and insomnia and leaves people who exercise regularly overall in a better mood compared to their non-exercising counterparts.

Workout Apps - The Fitness Gurus of the Future

If you are like most of us and are not an expert bodybuilder, you probably still want some direction in your workouts. You probably feel that you would do better if you had a personal fitness trainer who would tell you exactly which workouts are the most effective, what to focus on and how to avoid injury.

New and improved workout apps allow people to conduct their workouts in the comfort of their own homes. These apps provide users with thousands of available classes with certified fitness experts from all fields whether it be yoga, weight training or dance.

This software is available to anyone and everyone with two popular options being Peloton and Mirror.

Peloton - An App to Go

Peloton is an app, available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store with the software being compatible on all kinds of smart TVs such as Apple TV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Roku, etc. Whether it’s on your phone or on your TV, setting it up is as easy as paying a membership starting at $16.99/month. Peloton is also offering a 30-day free trial during which you can cancel at any time to avoid paying subsequent monthly fees.

With thousands of unique classes available and more than 10 different workout types all available to stream on-demand, the path to the future is right at your fingertips.

For people that prefer something more structured, Mirror is a great option for you. Perhaps you don’t have a TV in your basement or want to exercise in your garage and want a screen larger than your mobile device. Not to worry because Mirror makes it easy to move your workout into any room of the household.

Mirror - Structure and Organization

Mirror as the name suggests is a two-feet tall rectangular flatscreen whose surface is options such as joining competitive classes by connecting to other users, getting in touch with friends and tracking your workout through personal performance dashboards. The Mirror also provides you with expert instruction on how to improve your physique and technique taken from certified trainers of the country’s top fitness studios.

The true advantage of Mirror though comes with its rigorously developed camera technology and algorithms which deliver in-workout adjustments based on your goals and preferences to deliver you the ideal workout. Mirror also comes with more than 50 different genres of workouts ranging from 5 minutes to one hour, and thousands of classes offered with their all-access membership at $39/month. 

While this may seem excessive, it’s important to note that Mirror offers 1:1 personal training over its software to bring the expertise of the gym into your very home.

Easy Refunds and No Obligations

Both Mirror and Peloton offer comfortable policies for consumers that may be dissatisfied with their products. Both offer 30-day home trails, both allow for free and easy returns and both are available anytime and anywhere.

If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your home gym experience, you’ll need to start off with the essentials, all of which you can find at today where you can scour through high quality and affordable gym equipment available for home delivery on demand today!

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Fitness Gear You Cannot Live Without

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Monday, February 22, 2021

Working towards one’s dream body has always been an aspiration for many and a goal to work towards. Many of us work everyday by either running, dieting or lifting weights to either maintain or return to that ideal body you wish to have. All that effort however can go to waste if you aren’t prioritizing what’s most and least important. Without a proper regime, all your effort can go into something that may perhaps superficially make you look good and feel better about yourself but at the end of the day not help or even be detrimental to your long-term physical health.

It all boils down to the principle of learning how to walk before learning how to run. Before you begin working towards your ultimate goal of looking like the people on Vogue magazine, we need to take a step back. In the past year, the pandemic has taken a major toll on fitness centres across Canada and similarly, to people’s exercise routines. With people sitting at home under stay-at-home orders or even under Code Red or Orange limitations, there are still very few places to go. Gyms are either fully shut down or only allow a small group of people who need to book their spots in advance.

Why Exercise is Not Merely Beneficial but Necessary

It’s too much work for too little payoff. That’s why the home gym has become increasingly more of an attractive option for gym goers nationwide. A home gym allows you to be completely self-reliant and replace a drive to the fitness centre with a trip to the basement which is available for you 24/7. On top of that, exercise can provide a massive boost not only physically but mentally as well, especially during times such as these.

Sustained exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic have been shown to not merely increase muscle mass and metabolism but also lower the risk of contracting heart conditions such as diabetes, heart attack or stroke. Exercise has also been proven to stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain (aka. The happy hormone). This acts by lowering rates of stress, anxiety and depression and is also associated with a generally better mood and self-esteem as well as prolonged and improved quality of sleep. If that’s not enough reason to have you buy a new set of fitness equipment, then take studies published by the University of California and University of Texas respectively which discovered that regular exercise for men enhances your performance in the bedroom and increases rates of physiological arousal in women.

Ultimately, there’s plenty of benefits for exercising often and keeping your body in shape. Now that you’re hopefully thoroughly convinced, we need to find out what steps you should take in creating your home gym. 

What Do You Need and What Can You Leave Out?

In order to maximize the output you get from your fitness gear, you need to be able to target all your major muscle groups with the least amount of fitness equipment. This involves the major 6 muscle groups: chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs and shoulders. One of the most frequently seen mismatches when it comes to working out is someone new to the gym coming in and only focusing on working their chest and arms. As any fitness coach will tell you, beginners should ideally look for a full-body workout. Prioritizing one major muscle group over the rest can lead to muscle imbalance which destabilizers your body and leads to an increased risk of joint, muscle and bone injuries.

Even for those that aren’t new to the exercise regime, if your priorities lie with staying fit and healthy rather than looking like a bodybuilder extraordinaire, a full body workout provides the most efficient and ideal routine by increasing your strength and endurance gradually while also avoiding the risk of injury. This trend should be reflected in the type of fitness equipment you purchase.

Which Fitness Equipment Is Best for Home?

The most effective fitness equipment that allows you to train the most muscles is the obvious choice. Before picking out equipment, it’s always crucial to have the proper environment in which to exercise. Investing in accessories such as workout mats, benches and resistance bands can enhance your workout experience by allowing you to feel more comfortable while exercising, go for longer and achieve greater results. Now let’s take a look at our top picks.

Dumbbells: One of the most easily recognizable gym accessories, dumbbells offer a variety of exercises from the get go such as the bench press which works out your chest, bicep curls, shoulder presses for triceps, lunges for your core and calf raises for legs. If you were to pick one piece of gym equipment above all others, it would be the dumbbell.

Kettlebells: These are the metal balls with a single curved handle on their top side. They are generally used for lower body exercises such as squats and lunges but can also be equally effective for your abdominals by offering extra resistance during sit ups and for press exercises above your head similar to dumbbells for your biceps and triceps.

Rowers: Rowers are the king of lower body workouts. Every stroke in rowing involves your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs, chest and back muscles. Not bad, right? The activity also offers a low impact exercise which decreases your chances of injury. Rowers are also incredibly efficient at burning calories so grab a water bottle and hop on! Just don’t overdo it.

What Is the Best Brand for Fitness Equipment?

When looking for the best fitness gear, you want something affordable, durable, long-lasting, comfortable and efficient at getting the most bang for your buck in your workouts. FitnessAvenue has experience serving clients across Canada since 2007 and with a wide variety of fitness equipment in stock, ensures that when making an order, you get what you pay for, no less.

Where Can I Buy Fitness Equipment Online?

FitnessAvenue is dedicated to quick and effective customer service for all our clients. Visit today to learn more about the best deals on fitness equipment for your new home gym. The journey starts with you, “a journey of 1000 miles beings with a single step.” (Lao Tzu) The time has come to take that step.

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Are Fitness Clubs Reopening?

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Monday, February 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the cause of massive shutdowns and lockdowns across the nation dating back to March 2020. Ever since, numerous entertainment venues, fitness centres included, have been forced to shut down due to physical distancing regulations imposed by the federal and provincial governments. People have been forced to stay home and only leave the home for essential travel with a brief opening stint in the late summer and early fall of 2020 eventually leading us right back to square one with a new lockdown being imposed promptly thereafter in November.

The pandemic has been a cause of concern not merely for the lives lost and sickness incurred but also increased social isolation, job losses and unemployment leading to an increase in societal issues such as anxiety, insomnia and depression. None of these effects have an easy solution but nature’s oldest treatment for stress has always been effective.

In studies published by Harvard Health, exercise has been shown to divert the brain’s attention away from the cause of stress and anxiety as well as changing the brain’s chemistry by increasing the amount of anti-anxiety neurochemicals such as serotonin. In a climate such as this with people being unable to leave their homes, people are more eager than ever to get out there and start their lives anew. One of the most popular methods that people use to kickstart a new lifestyle is pledging themselves to a new exercise regime. However, at the current moment, there are some challenges you will have to contend with.

The Latest Updates

As of Feb.18, the Ontario government under Doug Ford has extended all emergency orders under the reopening Ontario Act (ROA) until at least March 21st. The officials have deemed the situation to be too risky to warrant a major reopening in the regions hardest hit by the pandemic which include the regions of Toronto, Peel and North Bay-Parry Sound which will all be required to remain under stay-at-home orders until March 8th. Other regions across the province with less widespread community spread are slated to reopen on Tuesday February 23rd. Regions across the province from Windsor to Ottawa to Muskoka to Durham are eager to reopen.

The current restrictions placed on gyms are still harsh. Fitness centres have been labelled by health officials as on the list of high-risk activities. This is due to the enclosed area with high contact surfaces and increased breathing and bodily fluids such as sweat. The combination of people being together in an enclosed area simultaneously touching the same metal objects which make for a nice home for a pathogen as well as breathing and sweating make the reopening of fitness centres a painstaking process.

The Rules - What You Can and Can’t Do

Fitness centres such as LA Fitness, Goodlife Fitness and Fit 4 less all have to adhere to the same provincial legislation concerning their facilities. Under the current rules, gyms are limited to 10 people indoors in spaces with weights and exercise machines, ten people in separate indoor classes and 25 people for outdoor classes. 

A study conducted by RunRepeat in the summer of 2020 across numerous countries (Canada, US, Australia, U.K) discovered that out of traditional membership-carrying gym goers, a mere 31% had returned to gyms while a staggering number of individuals had cancelled their memberships and many didn’t have plans to return anytime soon at all.

As our technology has changed, so have our lifestyles. The COVID pandemic, while also forcing us to stay home has also normalized many trends that were previously deemed to be odd but have now become normalized. Everything from working from home to children not going to school has now become a regular part of everyday life. The same goes for exercising from home.

Staying in Shape Fitness Centre Free

The COVID pandemic has inadvertently revolutionized workouts by causing a surge in the sales of home gym equipment. And after all, what is the point of driving to your local Goodlife Fitness centre when you can simply order an equipment set online, have it delivered in a couple weeks and avoid membership fees, booking limits and having to leave your cozy home to venture into the cold abyss. Not to mention traffic and most importantly of all, having to put pants on.

Jokes aside, a home gym is an affordable, convenient and effective option when it comes to keeping yourself healthy, both physically and mentally during these troubling times.

The Benefits of Exercise

Besides the obvious proponents of exercise for building muscle mass which is generally what people first think of when it comes to working out, there is so much more hidden underneath the surface that proves to be far more important for your well-being.

Before investing in a home gym, you need to figure out in what way you want to train your body. The two methods offered are aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise involves a continuous activity that is used to build endurance. Some examples include cycling, long-distance running and more. Aerobic exercise involves the process of using your energy over long periods of time to train your body. It has been proven that daily or even weekly aerobic exercise improves your cardiovascular conditioning which in turn leads to a decrease in risk of various heart diseases such as diabetes, lowers blood pressure, improves your lung function and helps in weight management.

Anaerobic exercise on the other hand involves an activity performed over a short time span but with maximum intensity. This is the type of exercise that you can envision your hardcore gym goers and bodybuilders doing every day. Strength resistance training is a major part of anaerobic exercise which includes anything from lifting weights to burpees to rowing. The beauty of anaerobic exercise is its strengthening of the base on which your body is built. Anaerobic exercise has been shown to increase bone strength and density which has directly correlated with a reduction in the risk of degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis later in life. Other benefits also include a boost in metabolism which aids weight management and of course, an increase in muscle mass and power.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The largest benefits however are those that are the least expected. Exercise, particularly in the mornings has been shown to increase people’s quality of sleep with participants reporting sleeping longer hours, finding it easier to fall asleep once in bed and waking up fewer times during the night on days that they participated in moderate to vigorous physical activity. The impact of this cannot be overstated with better sleep contributing to a stronger immune system, increased productivity and better mood alongside many other things.


Ultimately, it’s important to not put all your eggs into one basket. Relying on a single source to get your exercise needs fulfilled leaves you prone to losing it all. In a turbulent environment such as this, it’s important to be self-reliant and have the comforts of the outside right here at home. Exercise is one of the most basic human needs for a healthier and happier lifestyle and that is why FitnessAvenue has been offering affordable and high quality fitness equipment online to be delivered to your door as quickly as possible to ensure your home gym checks off all the boxes. If you’re interested in learning more about our fitness equipment options, visit today for more information!

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Best Grip Strengtheners for Hand and Arm Exercises

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Getting a good workout is more important than ever. Whether it’s to get your mind off of a hard day’s work or to help build you the dream body you’ve always hoped for. On the other hand, maybe it is just to stay in shape because you know that if you miss even one session you’ll have an excuse for every subsequent one and in no time at all, you’ll lose all the gains you’ve made so far up to this point. Whatever your motivation, at a time when public facilities have closed down to the public and the weather outside is, to put it kindly, not favourable for a lot of physical activity, simply waiting it out is not an option.

It is for that reason that home gyms and gym equipment sales have experienced a spike in recent months with people nationwide determined to make the most of their time during a lockdown that seems to have no end. One of the ways people have been keeping themselves in shape is with, believe it or not, grip strengtheners. At first glance, these small wrench-sized objects seem to be very niche in their effectiveness. However, there is in reality a whole slew of benefits that come with grip strengtheners besides the obvious ones.

Why Do I Need Grip Strengtheners?

Grip strength is not simply lifting heavy loads when for instance working at a construction site or moving into a new home, it is also linked to your long-term health. One study published by the Prospective Urban and Epidemiological Study (PURE) discovered a link between grip strength and cardiovascular disease. A patient’s grip strength was an indicator of their overall muscular strength. A person’s muscular strength has been attributed to the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and other forms of heart disease. This is due to the heart being itself a muscle and a healthier musculature means a stronger and healthier heart that is better at withstanding stresses that can lead to the various forms of heart disease. 

A skeptic may say that grip strength isn’t directly linked to healthy musculature and working out the rest of your body will have the same effect of reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. What we say to those people is that when working out, people should have a balanced regime. For instance, when an individual works out one muscle group intensively but doesn’t touch another or works out one arm far more than another, it results in a muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances are very unhealthy and can lead to limited mobility, pain and can increase the instability in your body which increases the probability of joint, ligament, bone, and muscle injury. In short, having a healthy body means working out all muscle groups and working out one can help you in another. For example, a greater grip strength can allow you to lift heavier weights that you otherwise could not have, not due to lack of strength in your biceps but due to your forearm and wrist.

The Different Types of Grip Strengtheners - Which Ones Should I Use?

  1. Iron Hand Grips: These are more often than not the models used by experienced individuals or professional athletes. The iron composition of the hand grip offers a much larger capacity for resistance which is what trains the wrist and forearm. Iron hand grip models start off from 45kg(100lbs) all the way up to 160kg(350lbs)! Bodybuilders and sports in which the forearm is heavily involved such as tennis, golf, and basketball athletes all use iron hand grips on a regular basis. Their high quality aluminium handles allow for easy handling and an effective workout.
  2. Adjustable Hand Grips: These are far lighter and also more portable than their iron cousins. Adjustable hand grips as per their namesake have a wide range of resistance available to you starting from 10kg(22lbs) to 40kg(88lbs). These can be used solely for sports but on the lower end can also be used for rehabilitation purposes or simply maintaining grip strength during aging. The flexibility designed in these grips allows you to pick and choose your training intensity based on your condition.
  3. Wrist Strengtheners: While not hand grips, these serve the same function of improving our forearm muscles and wrist strength. These are the best option when it comes to portability due to its high density comfort-foam grip and light frame. Wrist strengtheners also come equipped with adjustments to the resistance with their adjustable tension bar and custom hand/arm guide that lets you set up your wrist strengthener to perfectly suit your body dimensions. All of these features wrapped in one package along with dual action compatibility makes wrist strengtheners a hot choice for everyone from pro golf, tennis, and basketball athletes to your average Joe down the street looking to complement their workout routine. All of this and more is available for purchase for less than $10!
  4. Fat Grips:  Fat grips are essentially thick bars that you can fit onto your regular bars during exercises for anything from dumbbells and barbells to kettlebells and pull-up bars. They are composed of a military grade compound that is similar in durability to heavy duty rubber so you won’t have to worry about tears or needing a replacement anytime this century. When you have a regular 1 inch handle, you can comfortably wrap your hand around it to lift the bar. However, if you made that handle twice as thick, the same weight becomes far greater of a challenge.
    These grips are used in order to make the most out of your weight set and are popular amongst top sports players such as in the NFL and bodybuilders. Studies have confirmed that over time a thicker diameter bar results in greater muscle activation and an increase in muscle size and overall strength. Available sizes are 2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches with the higher-end ones being only recommended for hardcore bodybuilders or very advanced lifters.


There is no such thing as a best grip strengthener since everyone’s condition and priorities are different. For some, grip strength is a matter of training for their next sports event, for others, it is to realize their full potential in the gym and for yet more, simply a way to combat old age. Iron hand grips and fat grips are your go-to options for professionals which offer the greatest resistance towards muscle building. Adjustable hand grips are a lighter alternative which is better for the less experienced or for those who aren’t in it for the strength training portion. Finally, with the latest technology, wrist strengtheners offer an incredibly lightweight and adjustable frame and tension for your average gym goer all the way up to your professional sports athlete. If you want to learn more, visit to find high quality, affordable fitness gear shipped right to your door today!

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