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What are Bulgarian Bags Used For?

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Friday, January 11, 2019


Bulgarian bags are exercises devices that come in a crescent shape. As with other types of bags used in workouts, they are typically filled with sand. The great thing about Bulgarian bags is that they can be used to increase the results from a number of simple exercises. Here are some examples of how you can put the bags to good use.

Add Weight For Your Squats

When people ask “what are Bulgarian bags" and receive an answer, the next logical question is “how much weight can the bags hold?" They may have a capacity of as little as 11 pounds or as much as 50 pounds. That makes them an idea choice for using during squats.

Simply place the Bulgarian bags around your neck and perform the squats as you normally do. A variation is to hold the bag close to your chest while in the upright position and then extended it outward as you go into the squat. Return it to your chest as you go from a full squat to standing upright. Repeat as much as you like.

Toss Them Like a Medicine Ball

The basics of the Bulgarian bag make it an easy substitute for a number of other kinds of exercise equipment. For example, if you like to toss a medicine ball around with a workout partner, you can do the same with the bag. The crescent shape makes is easy to toss and to catch. You’ll find some tips on how to use the bag in this manner with just about any Bulgarian bag training system.

Make Them Part of Your Step Aerobics Workout

When it comes to using something to add a little more weight during your step aerobics, Bulgarian bags are the way to go. In the Bulgarian bag vs sandbag comparison, you’ll find that the shape makes it easier to wear the Bulgarian bag around your shoulders. That helps to provide even more resistance as you step up and down, which in turn helps to challenge your legs and your core to a greater degree.

Use Them During Push-Ups

So what are Bulgarian bags and how do they add more challenge to exercises like push-ups? With a bag around your neck, there is more resistance when you attempt the up and down motion common with this kind of exercise. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the push-ups by toning shoulder and arm muscles. The effect also ripples down your chest and provides a little more resistance to your abdominal muscles. You’ll find suggestions on how to get the most from this approach in any Bulgarian bag training system guidelines.

They Work Well for Chin-Ups Too

Just as they work great for push-ups, you’ll find that the design basics of the Bulgarian bag also help with increasing the results from doing chin-ups. Drape the bag over your shoulders and perform the exercise as usual. The additional resistance helps to build neck muscles, works your shoulders, and certainly increases the benefits to your arms and even your chest. Combined with your body weight, it’s obvious that this device will come out on top of any Bulgarian bag vs sandbag comparison.

Around the Neck for Running in Place or Just Running

Bulgarian bags are great for any type of workout that involves running. Perhaps you routinely run on a treadmill or run in place. With the bag around your neck, you increase your heart rate while also providing more tension for your legs. The same holds true if you decide to go jogging instead. If someone asks you what are Bulgarian bags and do they make a difference while running, you now know the answer.

Power Walking Works Too

Just as they work well for running, the Bulgarian bags will add some benefits to your power walks. As you quickly walk during at least a 30-minute period, having the bag draped over your shoulders creates additional tension for the legs. That in turn also helps to tone and strengthen your core. In the Bulgarian bag vs sandbag, you can bet that this crescent-shaped device will provide more benefits and be easier to keep in place.

Swing Them Round and Round

One of the basics of the Bulgarian bag is the versatility of the device. Do you perform a few exercises that are designed to work your rotator muscles? They likely involve swinging something in a circular motion. You’ll find that the design of the bag makes it ideal for this purpose.

Look at any Bulgarian bag training system and you’ll find instructions for swinging the bags in wide circles. You can grip a bag with both hands and swing it in front of your body. You can also opt for smaller bags that can be manages with one hand. Hold one in each hand and swing each arm in a pattern that is similar to the movements you would use while swimming.  Along with providing a reasonable amount of resistance, this exercise is also a great stress-breaker.

Dont Forget Leg Extensions on a Weight Bench

Within any Bulgarian bag training system, you’re sure to find instructions for using the bags while performing leg extensions. You can sit on a weight bench for this exercise or in any type of straight-backed chair. Place the bag over your ankles and then slowly lift and extend the legs. Hold the fully extended stance for a count of five, then slowly return to the original position. The workout will help build leg and thigh muscles.

So what are Bulgarian bags and why should you include them in your arsenal of resources for workouts? They are one of the simplest and most versatile pieces of equipment you could own. In terms of a Bulgarian bag vs sandbag, they are easier to grasp and stay in place with less effort. Invest in one or two sizes today and see what you think. It won’t take lone to see why many people find the basics of the Bulgarian bag easy to master and wouldn’t think of working out without them.

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What to Expect From Step Aerobics

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Thursday, January 3, 2019

Step aerobics is a form of exercise that involves stepping up and down from some type of platform. You can purchase an aerobic step with one or more levels to use for your workout. This type of high-intensity workout provides quite a few benefits, including being a lot of fun and something that most people of all ages can do. If you are wondering what to expect from doing step aerobics daily or at least several times a week, keep reading.

What are Aerobic Steps?

In order to get an idea of how step aerobics work, it’s necessary to understand the concept of aerobic steps. Exactly what are aerobic steps? Is there any real value in using them over going up and down the front or back door steps?

Aerobic steps are lightweight platforms with one or more levels. The fact that they are easy to move around makes it simple to work out in any room of the house. You can move them into place and work out while you watch television if you like. Once you are done, they can be slid under a bed or tucked away in the closet.

The steps are also padded to help ease pressure on your joints while working out. That’s important, since it improves the low-impact benefits of working out. 

Does Step Aerobics Burn Belly Fat?

You have some extra pounds around the middle. While most people don’t really say anything about your muffin top, you know it’s there. It would be great to get rid of it and have a more slender appearance. That means getting rid of some of that belly fat.

Does step aerobics burn belly fat? Absolutely! The movements involved in the exercise help to burn quite a few calories per session. When paired with a sensible diet, you can expect to begin losing those extra pounds around the middle at a reasonable rate. In as little as two or three weeks, you will notice a difference.

What is Aerobic Walking?

What is aerobic walking? It’s simply walking at a pace brisk enough to increase your heart rate and for a duration of at least a half-hour. The nice thing about this type of walking is that you can do it using aerobic steps while in the privacy of your home or back yard.

Using the steps, it’s easy to build up to a pace that helps to raise and maintain your heart rate. You also don’t have to be concerned about weather conditions when you want to work out. The steps can be used on the patio if it’s raining but you still want to enjoy the fresh air. When it’s too cold to get out, it’s easy enough to use the steps in the bedroom or the living room. As long as you are increasing the heart rate and moving quickly enough to maintain it for a reasonable amount of time, the workout will provide benefits.

Will Step Aerobics Improve Cardiovascular Health?

You can bet that while you are walking at such a brisk pace, those aerobic steps are helping to improve your cardiovascular health. Periods of exercise that lead to increasing the heart rate help to improve the efficiency and function of your heart. Think of it as a muscle just as you would a bicep. An ongoing challenge in the form of a workout ensures the heart pumps blood effectively and decreases the potential for a stroke or heart attack.

In terms of strengthening your heart, what are aerobic steps? They are one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your heart healthy. Use them several times a week along with following a heart-healthy diet. Doing so could add years to your life.

Can I Expect to See Improvement in Muscle Tone?

Does step aerobics burn belly fat? You already know the answer to that one. What you may not realize is that even as you are getting rid of that spare tire, the abdominal muscles are getting a workout. They will begin to tone and improve the strength of your core in the process.

How about your legs? You’ll find that the workout does quite a bit to tone your upper thighs and lower legs as well. Even your chest and arms will receive benefits as you go through your aerobic walk using the steps.

In terms of muscle tone, what is aerobic walking? It’s a way to challenge muscles that may or may not see much action any other way. While the benefits to some muscle groups are apparent, there’s a good chance you will feel a little stiff in places that you didn’t expect to be affected. The stiffness will go away soon, but the improvement in muscle tone will remain as long as you keep working out.

How About Muscle Development?

You now know that using aerobic steps regularly is good for your heart, gets rid of belly fat, and tones quite a few muscle groups. Will they do anything to help with muscle development? The answer is yes.

While not a substitute for using resistance training or lifting weights to build muscle, step aerobics does improve endurance and provide some benefits in terms of development. You can boost the effect by wearing weights around the ankles and on your wrists. As you move your arms and legs during the stepping, the added weight provides a little resistance and helps to build more muscle.

As it relates to muscle development, what are aerobic steps? They are resources that make it possible to develop muscle even as you tone your body and lose belly fat. That’s quite a bit of benefit to come from such a simple workout tool.

Does step aerobics burn belly fat? You bet it does! Will it help me deal with stress? The answer is yes! Step aerobics offers a wide range of benefits to those who take the time and make the effort to work out regularly.

Talk with an expert and ask any questions you have about step aerobics. What is aerobic walking? How long should I walk? What’s a good pace to begin? Should I start with a single level or a multiple level step? Once you have your answers, buy a step and start working out. It won’e be long before you notice a difference in how you look and feel.

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Why are Kettlebells So Effective?

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Tuesday, December 18, 2018

If you've never worked out using kettlebells before, now is the time to buy one or two. You'll find that the decision to buy kettlebells will make a difference in ways you never imagined. Why are kettlebells so effective? Consider these benefits that using one or two on a regular basis will bring to the table.

1.  They’re Great for Improving Your Range of Motion

Your range of motion has a lot to do with how well you get through the day. Think of the motions you make with your arms and legs as you walk and reach. Now consider the way that you turn at the waist or bend periodically from the time you get up in the morning until you retire at night.

You need a reasonable range of motion in order to manage all these movements with ease. Choosing to buy kettlebells and work out with them several times a week ensures you not only have a reasonable range of motion, but helps you make those movements fluidly. Those are reasons enough to consider investing in a full kettlebell rack and load it with kettlebells of varying weights.

2. An Easy Way to Burn Calories

Most of us include calorie counting in our fitness planning. Since there are times when we indulge a little, it pays to know how to burn off those excess calories. Did you know that there are kettlebell exercises that are capable of burning off up to 20 calories per minute? Think of what that means in terms of preventing your waist from becoming a little thicker than you would like.

Remember that Treadmill Factory kettlebells come in a variety of weights. You can select kettlebells for sale that are ideal for getting started and gradually add more over time. Since they can be used at home or work, the kettlebells are great for helping you tone your muscles and keep your figure.

3.  Excellent Cardiovascular Workout

You may think of activities like running or swimming as being excellent cardiovascular workouts, and you would be right. What you may not know is that kettlebell exercises are also effective for cardio workouts. That makes them ideal for use anytime, but especially when attempting to engage in running, aerobics, or similar activities is not practical.

As with any type of exercise, you may need to buy kettlebells that are a little lighter. That gives you the opportunity to focus on mastering the movements associated with each workout. This approach also helps your muscles get used to the movements involved. It won’t be long before you are ready for additional weight and can add more kettlebells to your kettlebell rack.

4.  Simple Way to Increase Strength and Endurance

Did you know that owning one or two Treadmill Factory kettlebells and using them regularly is one of the quickest ways to begin building muscle strength and endurance? With the right mix of exercises, you’ll soon find that it’s easier to manage more weight and perform more repetitions. This spills over into other areas of your life, since you tire less easily and may even still feel energetic after a long day at work.

kettlebells for sale

5. They’re Not Intimidating

Have you ever walked into a gym, looked at the equipment, and wanted to walk out? That’s because those machines were a little intimidating. The great thing about owning your own kettlebell rack and filling it with your own personal collection is that you know they are easy to use. There’s no complicated process to preparing a machine for use and no moving parts that have to be checked. You would be hard pressed to find exercise equipment that’s more basic.

How does this make them effective? When you buy kettlebells, you have something that is ready for use immediately. Since they are so simple to use, there’s a good chance you will reach for them more often. They quickly become familiar and almost seem to beckon you to come have a quick workout. That can only lead to good things for you.

6.  They Work Muscles That You Didn’t Realize You Had

Even after you use the Treadmill Factory kettlebells for a while, trying new exercise routines leads to feeling a little sore in different places. That’s because the kettlebells are working muscles that may or may not get much attention with other forms of exercise. Think of it as a great way to become more in tune with your body and also increase your overall level of fitness at the same time. It won’t take long to realize those kettlebells for sale that you almost passed up were definitely worth the money.

7.  Versatile Enough to Mix Things Up During Your Workout

We all know that workouts can become somewhat stale. Even when you increase the weight or resistance, it can still seem like the same old thing. Did you know there are dozens of ways to work out with kettlebells? That makes them one of the most versatile equipment options that you could ever own. One set on a kettlebell rack opens up a world of possibilities for your daily workouts.

When you buy kettlebells, it’s easier to mix things up. Do different routines each day or have a core set of routines you do and then toss in something different each day. Vary the routine as much as you like. That’s sure to provide the encouragement needed to stick with the program and keep working toward your fitness goals.

8. They’re a Lot of Fun

Owning a set of Treadmill Factory kettlebells means the ability to create workout routines that are a lot of fun. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the time passes as you move from one routine to the next. The fact that you don’t notice time is passing means you are likely to work out a little longer. Along with being great for your body, having fun while you work out is also good for your emotional state.

The bottom line is that kettlebells are easily one of the most effective workout resources you could ever own. Why not find one or two kettlebells for sale and give them a try? In just a week or two, you’ll never think of being without them again.

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Why Athletes are Ditching the Weight Machine for Kettlebells

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Thursday, December 6, 2018


Fitness equipment is essential when it comes to building strength and endurance. Your choice of equipment is important, since you want something that will help you achieve your goals and prepare you for whatever activity is coming up. Many athletes are choosing to focus less on the use of weight machines and more on using kettlebells. When you know more about why they are making this change, it will be easy to see why you should consider the same approach.

You Can Use Them No Matter Your Current Level of Fitness

Kettlebells come in variety of sizes and weights. That makes it easy to settle on bells that are right for the type of exercise you want to do right this minute. It also means that you can begin to use them even if you are not in the best physical condition.

When you invest in kettlebell sets, make sure that you go with sets that go from relatively light bells to heavier ones. Even after your gain muscle and can support more weight, there will still be exercises you can do with the lighter bells. In the meantime, that first set of bells will help build your confidence as well as help you increase your strength and endurance.

They’re Great For Working Different Muscle Groups

Did you know that kettlebells provide total body workouts? It’s hard to imagine any muscle group in the body that cannot benefit from using them. This makes them one of the most versatile options when it comes to weight lifting equipment.

The ability to work so many different sets of muscles makes them ideal if you compete in just about any kind of athletic competition. With the right Competition kettlebell set for your workouts, you can make sure every area of your body is capable of holding up to whatever type of activity is required. Even if you don’t enter competitions, knowing that the bells help you maintain excellent muscle tone makes them worth using.

You Can Vary the Workout With Greater Ease

There are so many different ways to use kettlebells that it will be difficult to get bored with your daily workouts. Instead of being stuck doing the same old thing, vary your workouts from day to day. You do want to continue choosing routines that work on building core strength and toning muscles in the arms, shoulders, legs, and abdomen, but feel free to swap out some of the exercises. The variety helps keep the workouts fresh and will certainly make it easier to look forward to working out instead of considering it to be something that you have to do.

Remember that the variety offered by kettlebell sets broadens the options for your workouts. Over time, you are likely to incorporate more exercises in each session, something that will be good for your mind as well as your body.

Excellent Way to Combine Strength and Cardiovascular Training

Did you know that the bells are a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits provided by cardiovascular training as well as strength training? It’s hard to think of a simpler way to work out and still enjoy this range of benefits.

Assuming you select the right exercises as part of your basic routine, the workouts will allow you to build strength even as you increase the function and efficiency of your heart. That’s important because cardiovascular workouts help the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Since your muscles rely on the blood to receive the nutrients needed to remain healthy, it’s a win all the way around.

It’s true that other forms of weight lifting equipment can help with one or the other. What’s lacking with those other options is the way you can use the bells without having to stop and add weight or deal with what can sometimes be complex contraptions. It’s the simplicity combined with the variety that make it possible for the bells to provide so many benefits for your heart and your muscles. Even if you don’t plan on entering some type of event, your Competition kettlebell set will help you enjoy all the perks of your workouts.

A Compact Solution for Fitness Equipment

Do you work out mainly at home? Is space for working out somewhat limited? The nice thing about kettlebells and kettlebell sets in general is they don’t take up much space. Even if you tend to work out in your bedroom, it’s easy enough to store them when they are not in use. Best of all, they are compact enough to pick up and take to the living room if you want to work out and watch something on your bigger screen television at the same time.

You Can Squeeze in Short Workouts Without Having to Ready the Equipment

Not everyone can manage to fit in a 45-minute workout several times a week. Most people can manage to do short workouts daily. When it comes to having weight lifting equipment on hand that’s ready to go when you are, it’s hard to beat these bells.

You can fit in a quick ten minutes during your lunch hour, before your morning shower, or some time before you go to bed. Even with a busy schedule, it’s possible to work out for a short time whenever you have a moment.

That doesn’t preclude enjoying longer workouts when you do have the time. Consider the shorter ones to be bonuses that add to the health benefits that you enjoy over time. Whether working out for general purposes or to prepare for some sort of event, your Competition kettlebell set will be ready any time you want to work out.

You Can Save a Lot of Money

It’s no secret that exercise equipment can be expensive. The nice thing is that kettlebells are a cost-effective alternative to weight machines and other types of equipment. You still get all the health benefits that you want but get to spend your money on other things you want and need. Best of all, those kettlebell sets hold up well to a lot of use. You will definitely find they are a sound investment that pays off for many years to come.

Kettlebells are a Lot of Fun

As important as the physical benefits happen to be, the fact is that your Competition kettlebell set will be a lot of fun. You’ll enjoy using these when other types of weight lifting equipment leave you without a lot of enthusiasm. This is important because it’s human nature to engage in activities that we consider to be a lot of fun. In other words, those bells could end up being one more motivating factor that helps you look forward to working out.

Why not get started today? Take a look at bell sets online and settle on one to try. After you use them for a week or two, the idea of skipping workouts will never occur to you again.

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How to Properly Install a Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar in Your Home

Written by SEO User Fitness Avenue Thursday, December 6, 2018


While it may be hard to find time to get to the gym, it’s possible to work out at home. One of the most helpful resources you can purchase is one or two chin up bars or pull up bars that you mount somewhere in the house. Before you buy and attempt to install anything, there are a few things you should know. Follow these steps and you will be ready to make use of the bars any time you like.

1.  Determine the Best Spot to Install the Bar

Different types of chin up bars can be installed in a number of places around the house. A good rule of thumb is to consider where you will be doing osst of your working out. Perhaps using the basement or the attic would work out well. Maybe you live in an apartment and want to work out in your bedroom. There’s also the possibility of using a corner of the garage as the ideal spot for your workouts.

While you are settling on a location, spend a little time comparing different kinds of chin up bars online. That will help prepare you for the next step in this process.

2.  Select a Bar With the Right Type of Mounting Design

Location does matter when it comes to choosing chin up bars for your home. In some cases, you’ll find that a wall mounted chin up bar will work well in the space. Others settle on doorway mounted chin up bars, especially if their workout spots also serve other functions. For example, if the plan is to work out in your bedroom, a doorway model would be your best bet among all the types of chin up bars on the market.

3.  Make Sure There’s Something Solid to Hold the Bar

Before you make your final selection for chin up bars online, you do want to make sure the area where you plan on installing the bar will support the weight of you and the fitness equipment. It’s a good idea to make sure there’s a ceiling joist that you can use if the plan is to invest in a bar that dangles from the ceiling. In like manner, a wall mounted chin up bar needs studs that will ensure the bar will remain firmly in place. Even with doorway mounted chin up bars, you want to make sure the framing and the studs surrounding the frame will support you and the bar properly.

4.  Measure the Distance Between the Brackets

All types of chin up bars require some kind of bracket set as part of the installation. Your goal is to measure the distance that will exist between the brackets that support the bar. The goal is to make sure the bar itself is the right length to settle into the brackets without any slipping back and forth. The last thing you need is for the bar to slip out of position while you are in the middle of performing a chin up.

As you browse for chin up bars online, you can identify the dimensions for the bars proper as well as the amount of space needed to mount the brackets and slide the bar into place. You will also see what sort of mechanism is used to secure the bar once it’s in the brackets.

5.  Drill the Pilot Holes

Now that you know where the bar will go and what type of bar and brackets you need, it’s easy to make your purchase. Once you have the bar in hand, gather your tools. You’ll need a pencil, drill, level, screws, and anything else that the instructions require.

You want to focus on mounting the brackets first. That will require the pencil and the drill. That’s because you need to create what’s known as pilot holes first.

For example, you decided that one of the doorway mounted chin up bars you found online was perfect. That means drilling pilot holes on the left and right sides of the doorway. Hold a bracket to the right position on one side of the doorway. Use the pencil to mark the holes that will eventually be filled by the screws. Drill the holes using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the body of the screw.

Use the level to position a bracket on the opposing side of the door frame. Once again, use the pencil to mark the spots for the holes. Set the bracket aside and drill the holes. After that’s done you can mount each bracket using the screws and a screwdriver.

Even if you are using a wall mounted chin up bar, this same basic process will work. Just make sure you are drilling into a wall stud and that the screws are long enough to ensure the bar will be secure.

6.  Fit the Bar Into the Brackets

With the brackets firmly in place, you can slide the chin up bars into them with ease. The instructions that came with the bars will provide instructions on how to move the bar into position and what it will take to secure it. When you order chin up bars online, they usually show images of the brackets, so you will know in advance if the installation requires turning the bar to a specific position and using screws to attach it to the bar, or if there is some other mechanism.

Whatever the process, make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. That will prevent the bar from slipping out of a bracket or possibly turning while you are in the middle of a round of chin ups.

7. Conduct a Quick Safety Test

Once you’ve finished mounting the bar, the moment of truth has arrived. It’s necessary to put that wall mounted chin up bar through a couple of tests. The first one has to do with checking the weight-bearing quality.

Grab the bar with both hands and lift your legs. The goal is to make sure the bar supports your total body weight and that the brackets don’t slip out of position. If you do this and nothing happens, the installation passes the first test.

The next test is to perform a few chin ups. This will make it easier to determine if the bar proper is turning or slipping within the brackets. Ideally, it will remain firmly in position. At this point, you know it’s safe to use the bar.

Whether you opt for doorway mounted chin up bars, bars mounted from the ceiling, or the wall-mounted models, make it a point to use them regularly. There are few exercises that provide as many benefits to the upper body as chin ups. If you can’t do very many at first, don’t get discouraged. With daily practice, it won’t be long before you build more strength and find that it’s possible to do a few more repetitions each week.

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