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Adding Variety to Workouts: Using Rigs and Accessories

Rigs are frameworks that make it possible to add more exercises to the routine. Some of them will even make exercise seem like play again. Here are some examples of rig accessories that should be part of a home gym.

Monkey Bars

Made from high quality metal, monkey bars are capable of sustaining plenty of weight. They can be used for swinging, chin-ups, and many other physical activities. Easy to install and capable of lasting for many years, they are also an excellent way to enjoy some quick exercise on rest days.

Angled Rigs

Along with square rigs, it’s possible to invest in an angled rig. This design is more versatile in terms of exercises that can be done using the framework. 

Take a look at a few rigs and accessories today. Think of how they could be put to good use during a daily workout or to let off some steam after a hard day. The right choices will ensure that working out is always fun.