Benefits of A Dumbbell Rack

Benefits of A Dumbbell Rack

Jan 31, 20210 comments

Dumbbells are a welcome addition to any home or commercial gym. Designed to be managed using one hand, these weights can be used in a variety of ways. Even as you become more fa-miliar with all the options for using your dumbbells, it pays to think about investing in a dumbbell rack. Here are some of the reasons why that rack will come in so handy.

Keeping Your Weights Organized

The basic function of a dumbbell rack is to provide storage space for your dumbbells. It’s not just about making sure they are all kept in one place when not in use, although that’s a good thing. The design of the rack makes it much easier to organize the weights by size. That makes it all the easier to tell when you’ve used a set and not placed them back in the rack, or to find something that you need for a particular type of exercise.

If you are not buying a full set of dumbbells at first, the right type of rack ensures that there is room to expand your collection later on. When the time does come to buy a few more, it’s easier to glance at the rack, make a note of the sizes you already own, and order more than are a little larger without ordering any duplicates.

Organize the weights any way you like. While most people prefer to organize by weight, you can just as easily organize by the order in which you use them. With a two-tier rack, use the top tier for the weights you usually use first, then place the ones you use last on the second rack.

Easier to Keep Track of Your Weights

If you’re the type of person who tends to set things down without thinking, you know how frustrating it can be to look for those same things when you need them next. The nice thing about residential and commercial dumbbell racks is that they give you a permanent place to store your weights. By positioning the rack so that it’s fairly close to where you are working out, it’s all the easier to walk a few paces and return the bells to the proper place. The fact that you can take one look at the rack and know when something is missing is also helpful, since you do want to keep track of your collection.

You Can Grab What You Need With Ease

Most people don’t like to wait, especially when they have built up momentum during a workout. It’s important to be able to go straight to your dumbbell rack set, select the dumbbells that you want to use right this minute, and keep moving forward with your workout. The fact that they are exactly where they are supposed to be means there is no breaking your stride or momentum. Instead, you can continue at the same pace. That’s important when you would rather not have anything slow down the process.

You’ll also find the quick retrieval of what you need helpful when trying to get in a quick workout on a busy day. During those times, every minute counts. You’ll be able to get in more of your usual workout in less time if you don’t have to stop and look around for the dumbbells that you need next. Along with allowing you to not have to skip workouts on exceptionally busy days, this also means you get to enjoy the good feelings that tend to follow workouts on days when you could use something to temper the stress and hectic pace.

The Racks Take Up Relatively Little Space

Have you ever been in a residential or commercial gym that did not have a rack for the dumbbells? With no rack, there’s a good chance that the bells were scattered throughout the workout space. That makes it all the harder to use the space effectively without having to constantly move a dumbbell out of the way.

By contrast, even small dumbbell racks add some order to the area. Instead of having to stop what you are doing to move something out of the way, the space for working out on a mat or performing a number of other exercises is readily available. Think of what that means in terms of using your exercise time more efficiently.

Some Designs Contain Storage Space For Things Other Than Dumbbells

While many designs for dumbbell racks focus specifically on providing storage space for your dumbbells, others have spaces that make it easier to organize and store some of your other equipment. Did you know that some designs have compartments that are ideal for storing your jump ropes or your boxing gloves? That’s a definite plus in a smaller home gym, since you do want to devote most of the room to workout space.

Think about the other types of equipment that you use regularly. Consider how having space set aside to store that equipment will affect your workout time. Along with making sure everything is easy to find, it also means you can keep the space tidy and ready for use any time you like.

They Help Keep Your Gym Space Safer

Up to this point, the focus has been on keeping things organized and making sure the gym space can be used without constantly looking for or having to move dumbbells. There’s another factor that you need to consider: safety.

Simply put, dumbbells that are left lying around make it more likely that someone is going to trip, stub a toe, or otherwise sustain some sort of injury while attempting to work out. Do you really want to run the risk of hurting yourself? How would you feel if you invited a friend to work out at your home gym and the friend tripped over a dumbbell?

The same is true with some of your other gym equipment. If you invest in a rack that also has storage space for some of the other smaller equipment, there’s no need to leave it laying around. You are less likely to trip over your boxing gloves or become entangled in your jump rope when you are trying to do squats. Overall, the right rack will go a long way toward keeping you safe.

View dumbbell storage racks as more than convenient places to store the bells when they are not in use. Think of them as one more way that you make the home gym safe for you and for anyone else who uses the space.

You Can Make Use of Vertical as Well as Horizontal Space

Did you know that dumbbell racks come in vertical as well as horizontal designs? This is important, especially if your home gym doesn’t have a lot of square footage. By being able to fit more bells into the space efficiently, you make it possible to broaden the scope of your workout and get more benefit from each round of exercise that you perform.

A vertical rack will typically provide space for more bells than the usual two or three-tier horizontal designs. The fact that you have more storage space for a greater number of bells will certainly serve you well in the year to come. The fact that the rack will also take up less space in your home gym is also a plus.

Think of how nice it would be to have a vertical dumbbell rack tucked into the corner of your gym space. That makes it all the simpler to have your weight bench nearby and maybe have some mats laid out for other types of workouts. You’ll also enjoy how you can arrange the bells on the rack so that the ones you like to use most often are at eye level.

Just as with a horizontal rack, you don’t have to fill up a vertical rack all at once. Feel free to start with a relatively small collection and then gradually add more weights when the need arises. The right type or vertical rack will ensure that there is always room for one more set when and as you are ready for them.

When was the last time you thought about investing in a new dumbbell rack? Even if the one you have now seems adequate, it never hurts to think about the future. Whether the plan is to expand your collection to include larger weights or you would like to restructure the layout of the gym to make better use of the space, there’s a rack out there that’s right for your home gym. Spend some time today comparing different designs. Pay close attention to the number of tiers, amount of storage space per tier, and whether a vertical rack would work better in your space than a horizontal one. It won’t take long to find one that will make your workout experience all the more enjoyable.

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