Best Grip Strengtheners for Hand and Arm Exercises

Best Grip Strengtheners for Hand and Arm Exercises

Jan 26, 20220 comments

Getting a good workout is more important than ever. Whether it’s to get your mind off of a hard day’s work or to help build you the dream body you’ve always hoped for. On the other hand, maybe it is just to stay in shape because you know that if you miss even one session you’ll have an excuse for every subsequent one and in no time at all, you’ll lose all the gains you’ve made so far up to this point. Whatever your motivation, at a time when public facilities have closed down to the public and the weather outside is, to put it kindly, not favourable for a lot of physical activity, simply waiting it out is not an option.

It is for that reason that home gyms and gym equipment sales have experienced a spike in recent months with people nationwide determined to make the most of their time during a lockdown that seems to have no end. One of the ways people have been keeping themselves in shape is with, believe it or not, grip strengtheners. At first glance, these small wrench-sized objects seem to be very niche in their effectiveness. However, there is in reality a whole slew of benefits that come with grip strengtheners besides the obvious ones.

Why Do I Need Grip Strengtheners?

Grip strength is not simply lifting heavy loads when for instance working at a construction site or moving into a new home, it is also linked to your long-term health. One study published by the Prospective Urban and Epidemiological Study (PURE) discovered a link between grip strength and cardiovascular disease. A patient’s grip strength was an indicator of their overall muscular strength. A person’s muscular strength has been attributed to the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and other forms of heart disease. This is due to the heart being itself a muscle and a healthier musculature means a stronger and healthier heart that is better at withstanding stresses that can lead to the various forms of heart disease. 

A skeptic may say that grip strength isn’t directly linked to healthy musculature and working out the rest of your body will have the same effect of reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. What we say to those people is that when working out, people should have a balanced regime. For instance, when an individual works out one muscle group intensively but doesn’t touch another or works out one arm far more than another, it results in a muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalances are very unhealthy and can lead to limited mobility, pain and can increase the instability in your body which increases the probability of joint, ligament, bone, and muscle injury. In short, having a healthy body means working out all muscle groups and working out one can help you in another. For example, a greater grip strength can allow you to lift heavier weights that you otherwise could not have, not due to lack of strength in your biceps but due to your forearm and wrist.

The Different Types of Grip Strengtheners - Which Ones Should I Use?

  1. Iron Hand Grips: These are more often than not the models used by experienced individuals or professional athletes. The iron composition of the hand grip offers a much larger capacity for resistance which is what trains the wrist and forearm. Iron hand grip models start off from 45kg(100lbs) all the way up to 160kg(350lbs)! Bodybuilders and sports in which the forearm is heavily involved such as tennis, golf, and basketball athletes all use iron hand grips on a regular basis. Their high quality aluminium handles allow for easy handling and an effective workout.
  2. Adjustable Hand Grips: These are far lighter and also more portable than their iron cousins. Adjustable hand grips as per their namesake have a wide range of resistance available to you starting from 10kg(22lbs) to 40kg(88lbs). These can be used solely for sports but on the lower end can also be used for rehabilitation purposes or simply maintaining grip strength during aging. The flexibility designed in these grips allows you to pick and choose your training intensity based on your condition.
  3. Wrist Strengtheners: While not hand grips, these serve the same function of improving our forearm muscles and wrist strength. These are the best option when it comes to portability due to its high density comfort-foam grip and light frame. Wrist strengtheners also come equipped with adjustments to the resistance with their adjustable tension bar and custom hand/arm guide that lets you set up your wrist strengthener to perfectly suit your body dimensions. All of these features wrapped in one package along with dual action compatibility makes wrist strengtheners a hot choice for everyone from pro golf, tennis, and basketball athletes to your average Joe down the street looking to complement their workout routine. All of this and more is available for purchase for less than $10!
  4. Fat Grips:  Fat grips are essentially thick bars that you can fit onto your regular bars during exercises for anything from dumbbells and barbells to kettlebells and pull-up bars. They are composed of a military grade compound that is similar in durability to heavy duty rubber so you won’t have to worry about tears or needing a replacement anytime this century. When you have a regular 1 inch handle, you can comfortably wrap your hand around it to lift the bar. However, if you made that handle twice as thick, the same weight becomes far greater of a challenge.
    These grips are used in order to make the most out of your weight set and are popular amongst top sports players such as in the NFL and bodybuilders. Studies have confirmed that over time a thicker diameter bar results in greater muscle activation and an increase in muscle size and overall strength. Available sizes are 2 inches, 2.5 inches and 3 inches with the higher-end ones being only recommended for hardcore bodybuilders or very advanced lifters.


There is no such thing as a best grip strengthener since everyone’s condition and priorities are different. For some, grip strength is a matter of training for their next sports event, for others, it is to realize their full potential in the gym and for yet more, simply a way to combat old age. Iron hand grips and fat grips are your go-to options for professionals which offer the greatest resistance towards muscle building. Adjustable hand grips are a lighter alternative which is better for the less experienced or for those who aren’t in it for the strength training portion. Finally, with the latest technology, wrist strengtheners offer an incredibly lightweight and adjustable frame and tension for your average gym goer all the way up to your professional sports athlete. If you want to learn more, visit to find high quality, affordable fitness gear shipped right to your door today!

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