Fitness Gear You Cannot Live Without

Fitness Gear You Cannot Live Without

Dec 15, 20210 comments

Working towards one’s dream body has always been an aspiration for many and a goal to work towards. Many of us work everyday by either running, dieting or lifting weights to either maintain or return to that ideal body you wish to have. All that effort however can go to waste if you aren’t prioritizing what’s most and least important. Without a proper regime, all your effort can go into something that may perhaps superficially make you look good and feel better about yourself but at the end of the day not help or even be detrimental to your long-term physical health.

It all boils down to the principle of learning how to walk before learning how to run. Before you begin working towards your ultimate goal of looking like the people on Vogue magazine, we need to take a step back. In the past year, the pandemic has taken a major toll on fitness centres across Canada and similarly, to people’s exercise routines. With people sitting at home under stay-at-home orders or even under Code Red or Orange limitations, there are still very few places to go. Gyms are either fully shut down or only allow a small group of people who need to book their spots in advance.

Why Exercise is Not Merely Beneficial but Necessary

It’s too much work for too little payoff. That’s why the home gym has become increasingly more of an attractive option for gym goers nationwide. A home gym allows you to be completely self-reliant and replace a drive to the fitness centre with a trip to the basement which is available for you 24/7. On top of that, exercise can provide a massive boost not only physically but mentally as well, especially during times such as these.

Sustained exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic have been shown to not merely increase muscle mass and metabolism but also lower the risk of contracting heart conditions such as diabetes, heart attack or stroke. Exercise has also been proven to stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain (aka. The happy hormone). This acts by lowering rates of stress, anxiety and depression and is also associated with a generally better mood and self-esteem as well as prolonged and improved quality of sleep. If that’s not enough reason to have you buy a new set of fitness equipment, then take studies published by the University of California and University of Texas respectively which discovered that regular exercise for men enhances your performance in the bedroom and increases rates of physiological arousal in women.

Ultimately, there’s plenty of benefits for exercising often and keeping your body in shape. Now that you’re hopefully thoroughly convinced, we need to find out what steps you should take in creating your home gym. 

What Do You Need and What Can You Leave Out?

In order to maximize the output you get from your fitness gear, you need to be able to target all your major muscle groups with the least amount of fitness equipment. This involves the major 6 muscle groups: chest, back, arms, abdominals, legs and shoulders. One of the most frequently seen mismatches when it comes to working out is someone new to the gym coming in and only focusing on working their chest and arms. As any fitness coach will tell you, beginners should ideally look for a full-body workout. Prioritizing one major muscle group over the rest can lead to muscle imbalance which destabilizers your body and leads to an increased risk of joint, muscle and bone injuries.

Even for those that aren’t new to the exercise regime, if your priorities lie with staying fit and healthy rather than looking like a bodybuilder extraordinaire, a full body workout provides the most efficient and ideal routine by increasing your strength and endurance gradually while also avoiding the risk of injury. This trend should be reflected in the type of fitness equipment you purchase.

Which Fitness Equipment Is Best for Home?

The most effective fitness equipment that allows you to train the most muscles is the obvious choice. Before picking out equipment, it’s always crucial to have the proper environment in which to exercise. Investing in accessories such as workout mats, benches and resistance bands can enhance your workout experience by allowing you to feel more comfortable while exercising, go for longer and achieve greater results. Now let’s take a look at our top picks.

Dumbbells: One of the most easily recognizable gym accessories, dumbbells offer a variety of exercises from the get go such as the bench press which works out your chest, bicep curls, shoulder presses for triceps, lunges for your core and calf raises for legs. If you were to pick one piece of gym equipment above all others, it would be the dumbbell.

Kettlebells: These are the metal balls with a single curved handle on their top side. They are generally used for lower body exercises such as squats and lunges but can also be equally effective for your abdominals by offering extra resistance during sit ups and for press exercises above your head similar to dumbbells for your biceps and triceps.

Rowers: Rowers are the king of lower body workouts. Every stroke in rowing involves your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs, chest and back muscles. Not bad, right? The activity also offers a low impact exercise which decreases your chances of injury. Rowers are also incredibly efficient at burning calories so grab a water bottle and hop on! Just don’t overdo it.

What Is the Best Brand for Fitness Equipment?

When looking for the best fitness gear, you want something affordable, durable, long-lasting, comfortable and efficient at getting the most bang for your buck in your workouts. FitnessAvenue has experience serving clients across Canada since 2007 and with a wide variety of fitness equipment in stock, ensures that when making an order, you get what you pay for, no less.

Where Can I Buy Fitness Equipment Online?

FitnessAvenue is dedicated to quick and effective customer service for all our clients. Visit today to learn more about the best deals on fitness equipment for your new home gym. The journey starts with you, “a journey of 1000 miles beings with a single step.” (Lao Tzu) The time has come to take that step.

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