How To Choose And Take Care Of The Best Shaker Bottle

How To Choose And Take Care Of The Best Shaker Bottle

Aug 02, 20220 comments

Shaker bottles have quite a few names. You may hear them referred to as shaker cups. Perhaps you've heard of mixing bottles. Maybe the term handheld mixer is not unknown to you. If you look around online, you'll see them referred to as blender bottles. Whatever the name, shaker bottles are more popular than ever and aren't likely to go away any time soon.

For something that sells so briskly today, most shaker bottles are simple devices. Even so, they serve several key functions that make them great for the gym, the office, and to take along when you're driving for a few hours. If you want to get the most from your bottle, it makes sense to know how to choose one. You also want to know how to care for it properly. Here's some information that will help you with both tasks.

What Are Shaker Bottles?

A working definition of shaker bottles will help you get off on the right foot. Shaker bottles are specially designed bottles that are intended to contain non-carbonated beverages. This type of bottle includes a lid that's designed to fit tightly and not allow any liquid to seep out. The bottle also includes some kind of mechanism that makes it easy to mix the contents. That's helpful when the liquid you're drinking could separate.

What Kind of Materials Are Used For Shaker Bottles?

Most shaker bottles are made using more than one kind of material. The lid and body of the bottle are often made using the same material while the mixing mechanism is often made using something different.

The body and lid of just about all shaker bottles are made using high-grade plastic. Some of the more common plastic types include Tritan plastic, #2 HDPE plastic or #5 PP plastic. All plastic models are sturdy enough to be placed in the top level of a standard dishwasher and not sustain any damage.

While plastic is a common choice, there are other options on the market. You will find shaker bottles made using stainless steel or aluminum. It's not unusual for the metal bottles to also be insulated. That's great if you want to keep the contents at a constant temperature.

The mixing mechanism is usually made of stainless steel. This is true even if the body is plastic and uninsulated. The better options will use surgical grade stainless steel, since it's much easier to keep clean. The right design for the mechanism, such as a mixing ball, works well with the unique design for these types of bottles.

What Are Some Key Features Of A Shaker Bottle?

You'll find that many shaker bottles are designed in 20 oz or 28 oz capacities. While the outside looks much like any type of water bottle, there's a unique feature on the inside. Instead of a flat bottom, shaker bottles usually feature rounded bottoms. Combined with the action of the mixing ball, it's much easier to ensure that there are no clumps built-up clinging to the interior bottom.

The lid design includes features that help to prevent spills. Many bottles have lids that screw on and are then reinforced with the use of snaps to keep it in place. The fit is tight enough to prevent any liquid from getting out, even if the bottle is turned over. A flip cap makes it easy to take a sip, close the bottle, and ensure that nothing spills.

The bottles also feature markings that make it easy to know how much powder or liquid to add. Most designs ensure the markings are in both ounces and milliliters.

Along with standard designs, you can also find custom shaker bottles that can be embossed with company logos, names, or other visual elements. This is a great way to ensure that your bottle stands out from the other bottles people are using at the gym or along your commute route.

Some of the materials used for shaker bottles are treated to resist retaining odor. While most people don't plan on leaving a protein drink in their bottles for more than a day or two, the last thing you need is something that absorbs scents and ruins the taste of your next protein shake. Along with washing out the bottle after every use, it makes sense to focus on bottles that are advertised as odor resistant.

What Size Of Shaker Bottle Do I Need?

Since there is more than one size for shaker bottles, it's a good idea to select a size that's likely to hold more than you normally drink at one sitting. For example, you may normally only take along 15 ounces of a protein drink and think that a 20-oz bottle will suffice. Consider investing in a 28-oz bottle instead. While you may normally only use the bottle while at the gym, the larger one will come in handy if you're about to travel for several hours.

Remember that all sizes of shaker bottles are designed to fit in the cup holders found in vehicles made since 2000. The bottom of larger bottles won't be any wider than the smaller ones. The only real difference is the height.

What Can I Expect to Spend For A Shaker Bottle?

As with many products, you can spend a little on shaker bottles or you can opt for something that's more expensive. The capacity will have some impact on the price, but there's another feature that's likely to drive up the unit cost.

You'll find that plastic bottles tend to be less expensive. This is especially true if a cheaper or thinner plastic is used for the bottle design. Even so, most plastic shaker bottles in 2019 sold for less than $10.00 USD each.

Metal shaker bottles will be more expensive, but not by as much as many people think. You can find stainless steel bottles for under $20.00 USD and a few other designs that may be as much as $30.00 USD. Considering the fact that you will use the bottle for a long time, even the higher end bottles are affordable choices.

One other factor may influence the price. That's adding some type of customization. If you're ordering custom shaker bottles to give away at a trade show or some sort of promotional event, adding a logo, slogan, or other unique touch to the bottles will drive up the average cost per unit.

How Do I Use A Shaker Bottle Properly?

Using shaker bottles is simple. Most manufacturers suggest adding the mixing mechanism and the liquid first. Once that's done, add the powder and any flavor enhancers that you like. Next, screw on the lid. Shake the bottle vigorously for around 30 seconds. Remove the lid and see if everything has blended properly. If there are any lumps, replace the lid and shake again.

Which Shaker Bottle Is The Best?

With different options for shaker bottles, it's difficult to say which one would work best for you. In the long run, the right bottle will be large enough for your purposes, have the features you want, and happens to be in a price range that you consider reasonable.

If you mainly plan on using the Shaker bottles around the house or for trips to the gym, plastic bottles will normally do the trick. People who travel a lot or who like to take protein shakes along for work may want to go with a metal bottle instead. The metal does provide a more polished look and will hold up well to the rigors of travel.

What Is The Best Shaker Bottle For Protein?

Plastic and metal shaker bottles are both fine options for protein shakes. To some degree, the choice boils down to personal preferences. There are a few points to keep in mind that may lean you in one direction or the other.

Plastic bottles typically make it easier to see the amount of product remaining. You may also be able to tell if there are any clumps that seem to have settled near the bottom. That makes it easy to see that you need to give the bottle another shake before taking the next drink.

Metal bottles are better looking. That makes them more presentable if you plan on keeping one at your desk at work. The fact that they are usually insulated also means you can keep the protein shake cold for a longer period of time. On the off chance that you occasionally like to mix protein powder with other ingredients to make a hot beverage, you can also depend on the liquid to remain warmer for more hours.

Today is a great time to compare different types of shaker bottles and see which ones you would like best. Remember that there's no rule stating that you can only own one bottle at a time. In fact, you might want to keep at least two, so there's always a clean one to take along while the other one is in the dishwasher. Keep a few spare custom shaker bottles on hand to give to friends or business associates. You can bet that the bottles will be appreciated and see a lot of action.

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