Late on the Summer Bod? No Problem! Here's How You Can Get a "Fall Bod" at Home

Late on the Summer Bod? No Problem! Here's How You Can Get a "Fall Bod" at Home

Mar 14, 20200 comments

While you had the best of intentions, things kept getting in the way and your summer bod never quite got as far along as you wanted. Now is not the time to give up. You can still have a fall bod that does you proud. All it takes is coming up with a routine you can do at home and sticking to it. Here are some of the ways you can start working on your fall bod now and look great by the time the leaves begin to turn. 

Investing in the Basics is a Great Way to Start

Begin to set up your home workout space by purchasing a few basics. You’ll definitely need mats that provide a reasonable amount of cushioning. They will be great for those push-ups, sit-ups, and even the yoga that you plan on including in your workout routine. Don’t forget to purchase a jump rope to use as part of your cardiovascular workout. It wouldn’t hurt to include farm bags in your online shopping for gym equipment. The bags do more than improve your grip; when used correctly, they can build strength and endurance with your lower and upper arms, tone the shoulders, and even provide the resistance needed to build muscle in the legs and thighs.

Crossfit Workouts are Your Friends 

You’ve heard the term crossfit but are not sure exactly what it means. Basically, crossfit exercises incorporate elements that are part of different types of sporting activities. They help you to stretch, tone, and build muscle mass. 

Several types of crossfit gym equipment can be purchased for the home. For example, a treadmill allows you to walk and run just as you would with many outdoor sporting activities. A multi-grip chin up bar that can be mounted on a wall will help you with upper body strength in much the same way as many outdoor competitions do. Along with helping you tone and build muscle, the crossfit equipment is also versatile enough to ensure you can vary the routine from one day to the next.

To make the most of the crossfit aspects of your workout, consider doing what some others have done and create a series of workouts that you can perform over the course of the week. Each series should include at least a few elements that are different from the others. Using this approach will allow you to concentrate more on your upper body one day, your legs and thighs more on another day, and then focus on your core on a third day. Along with making no part of your body goes without attention, the change in routine from one workout to the next will help keep you from getting bored. 

A Versatile Bench Must Be Part of the Plan

Workout benches are sport equipment that no home gym should be without. That’s because you can perform all sorts of exercises with them. A bench is great for using free weights and you can always invest in attachments that allow you to work on your core, your legs, and your glutes. Going with a bench that reclines will also add some variety to your sit-ups instead of doing them on a mat all the time. When selecting a bench, there are several features you want to check closely. One has to do with the padding. When the bench reminds you of laying on a bare floor, it’s not just a matter of being less comfortable. The bench is not offering the cushioning your body needs as you focus on toning and building muscle. Simply put, poor padding leads to an increase in aches and pains. You want something that gives the support and the comfort needed to help you remain focused on the exercise you are doing right this minute.

The materials used to cover the bench are also important. Always go with something that is non-absorbent and that you can wipe down with a towel with ease. Ideally, a simple household cleaner will be all it takes to remove any residue from the surface. Permeable materials that allow sweat to filter through and become trapped in the padding will produce an less than pleasant odor. You’ll enjoy your home workouts more if they take place in a setting that is not loaded with stale smells. 

Don’t Forget a Press Machine 

You also want to invest in an arm and leg press machine that will allow you to work your arms, legs, and core. The right machine makes it easy to adjust the weight as your build muscle mass and tone your gut. These machines don’t take up that much space, so you will still have plenty of room for your other exercise equipment. 

When choosing a press machine, you’ll notice that most will come with a limited number of weights or bands. Find out how easy it will be to order additional weights later on. This will mean only choosing machines that tend to use standard weights or bands and not those that are designed to use only custom accessories. This will make it much easier to get more years of use from the press machine and keep your workouts challenging. 

Remember to See Your Doctor 

If you haven’t already, do have a complete physical before starting your fall bod workout routine. The goal is to determine if you have any health issue that needs to be resolved or taken into account before you buy equipment and develop a routine. Pair your workouts with getting plenty of rest and eating sensibly and you will be in great shape for the fall. 

Forget about the part of summer that has passed and remember that it’s never too late to get in shape. You may not have been at your best for the warmer months but there is time to trim the waist, build muscle, and firm up every area of your body in time for all those wonderful autumn events. Make your list today, buy what you need, see your doctor, and come up with some routines. With a little diligence, you’ll be surprised at the difference in the way you look and feel after as little as 30 days. 

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