Storing Your Equipment for A Better Workout

Storing Your Equipment for A Better Workout

Jun 29, 20220 comments

We’ve all wanted to grow up and build our way up to achieving our wildest dreams. Now we have become far more grounded but it’s never too late to set optimistic goals for yourself. After all, you choose your own destiny. Nowadays, we need to plan and organize our time and things unlike before when we were able to run around and do whatever we wanted until our parents called us back to earth. Now, we need to be organized with our schedules and things. After all, good organizational skills have also been linked to higher productivity. When it comes to your workout session, you are fighting through blood and sweat to get what you desire and you don’t want to waste any time doing it. That’s good and all until you realize all the various types of equipment needed to work out your whole body along with the added accessories. You reach a point where you’ve worked out your arms but have completely neglected your chest, abs, legs or back. This is when things can get out of hand and you end up having a mountain of weights on the floor that you have to shift through to find the one you want. No-one wants that kind of mess in their basement! That’s why you might have to consider purchasing something to help with your home gym storage. We’re here to offer you some gym storage solutions.

Gym Storage Solutions

To start off with some storage ideas, it’s a good idea to try to group things together by category. That means putting what works your dorsal muscles in one place, your pecs in another and your quads in yet another. This means planning a specific area for each of them wherever you plan on setting up your own personal gym at home. A good piece of equipment to use to store dumbbells for example is the gym storage rack, specifically dumbbell racks. These usually are made up of steel and can either be vertical or horizontal. You have probably seen them before at your local gym. The vertical ones may look similar to a cylinder or pyramid that have grooves in the metal allowing for weights to be put in. These vertical racks save more space and are usually more affordable yet they can’t store as many weights as can the horizontal racks. The horizontal racks usually come in 3 tiers and have 2 beams of metal on both sides attached by large metal rods which support and hold up the weights. This type is more expensive but can hold far more weights than the vertical storage rack.

Each type of weight carries its own type of gym storage rack that would go well with it. Up next, are weight plates, the huge discs that you attach to bars for lifting. For storing plates, there is the option of a vertical bumper for plate storage. That is a single rod attached to 4 legs with wheels on which you can slide on your weight plates. In terms of space, portability, and affordability this may be your go-to option. On the other hand, when it comes to having different weights and types of weight plates, it can become messy, cluttered and end up not being enough space. Horizontal weight racks for weight plates can carry more and are easier to organize for your home gym storage since you can pick out sections for different weight classes unlike for the vertical racks where to reach the plate on the bottom, you have to take everything else off first. These however generally are very efficient in terms of space yet can be less portable than the vertical racks. 

Fitness Accessory Storage

Of course, there are plenty of options available for fitness accessory storage solutions. These include medicine balls, body bars, etc. For medicine balls, there are racks and trees offered. Trees are able to hold twice as many of the medicine balls yet are more on the pricey side. It’s important to organize the balls according to weight since most of the top exercise specialists suggest starting off light before building up as well as repetition over sudden bursts of exertion. So try to have a wide range of medicine balls, body bars and other exercise equipment to make sure you can have a good warmup before starting off your workout. After all, going in too hot can lead to overexertion, cramps and overall just a less efficient workout than if you had gradually transitioned to the higher weights. Body bars can be stored on an exercise rack and organized by colour and/or from lightest to heaviest. You may want to put the body bars and medicine balls near to each other since these both fall under the “accessories” category of your home gym. That way each part of the room is for a different part of your training segment, you can sort of think of it as an obstacle course. Once you’ve made it all the way around the room, you have completed your workout!

Sometimes however, we don’t want to keep everything separate and it’s okay to just put it all together that way there's no way to forget where everything goes. Enter the fitness storage box. A big metallic box on wheels with a handle in which you can out all of your weight accessories. It’s very portable and efficient in terms of space so if you ever get the feeling of training outside in the backyard or in the park with your accessory equipment, the fitness storage box is the best way to go. They also come with a lock feature so you can be safe knowing your belongings are secure wherever you go. 


So in short, whether you’re exercising at home or even going out, there are always gym storage solutions waiting for you when you need to organize all the spare equipment laying around. Everything from medicine balls and body bars to weight plates, dumbbells and kettlebells all need a place to go. It is proven that better organization leads to better efficiency in the workplace and it's not a stretch to bring that comparison to working out. After all, same as with a job, you are setting goals and deadlines for yourself in order to achieve the results you desire. In your career, financial and in your home gym, physical/mental. In terms of the actual weights, there are the options of horizontal and vertical racks for your weight plates which can be a bit more difficult to organize because of their size while kettlebells and dumbbells can work well on horizontal racks, either 2-tier or 3-tier where you can organize based on gradually increasing weight. It’s all a matter of preference when it comes to organizing your equipment but no one wants to begin their workout by shifting through piles of weights to get to the one they want. While it isn’t a necessity in theory, in practice, if you truly plan on achieving those results you yourself have outlined, storing your equipment will be one of the many ways you can push yourself to your limits and even further beyond. That’s the only way you can truly become something greater.


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