The Best CrossFit Equipment for a Home Gym

The Best CrossFit Equipment for a Home Gym

Aug 15, 20200 comments

​You’re ready to create your own home gym. That means choosing CrossFit equipment that fits in the space and also allows you to get a well-rounded workout. While you always want to allow room to add equipment as your physical condition improves, it pays to make sure everything you buy now will still be helpful in the months and years to come. Here are some examples of what to purchase and make a part of your ongoing fitness routine.

Strength Building Equipment

As the name implies, strength building equipment is intended to enhance your body strength, challenge your cardiovascular system, and in general improve your endurance. The best CrossFit equipment will accomplish all three of these goals at one time.

Barbells are at the top of the list for strength building equipment. You’ll need bells in several different sizes and weights. The goal is to begin with lower but still challenging amounts of weight, then gradually add more as your strength increases. Remember that balance is key to getting the most benefit from the barbells. When used properly, they will help you build strength in the arms, chest, back, thighs, and legs.

Along with a good set of barbells, you need a high-quality squat rack. Sometimes known as a power cage or a squat cage, this piece of equipment will help you get more use from that set of barbells. Think of it as a spotting partner that doesn’t have to come to your house every time you want to work out. The rack design makes it easy to perform all sorts of free weight exercises and still provide the opportunity to safely position the weights if you are beginning to get tired.

A weight bench should also be part of your basic fitness equipment. This allows you to perform all sorts of exercises using the weights. With the right attachments, you can work your legs, focus more on your chest and upper body, or even do sit-ups while you hold one of the weights.

Don’t forget the value of a weighted vest. Whether you are walking, jogging, or doing various types of exercises, the added weight will help build endurance. Many vests are designed so you can start with a lower amount of weight and gradually add more as your strength increases.    

Body Weight Equipment

Using your natural body weight for resistance during a workout is a fine idea. There are several simple pieces of crossfit exercise equipment that you can purchase and use whenever you like. Many take up little space, but the benefits are significant.

A pull-up bar is something you definitely want to include in your home gym. The bar should be positioned so that you can use your arms and upper body to pull upward. Some designs fit in a door frame with ease. Others can be suspended from the ceiling or are included in a cage. Whatever type you choose, regular use helps to increase muscle mass, boost your endurance, and give your heart more of a workout.

Gymnastics rings are another type of body weight equipment that you can put to good use. The rings also rely on using your weight for resistance. Unlike a pull-up bar, there are more exercises you can do with the rings. That includes learning how to perform flips and other exercises that work your abdomen and stomach muscles as well as your arms and shoulders.

Muscle Conditioning and Toning Equipment

Conditioning machines should always be included in the CrossFit workout equipment you buy for the home gym. A good place to begin is by investing in a stationary bike. Choose one that allows you to adjust the settings and make pedaling a little more challenging. It should also track the amount of time you spend on the bike and the distance you virtually travel while pedaling.

A rowing machine is something else you want to have in the home gym. This device allows you to work your core muscles, the arms, the back, and the legs at the same time. Like your stationary bike, the rowing machine is intended to imitate a specific activity that helps build and tone your muscles. Make sure you can adjust the resistance so you can increase the benefits of the workout as your endurance improves.

There’s another piece of conditioning equipment that you can use in the home gym or take along on a business trip if you like. That’s a jump rope. Jumping rope works the leg muscles and increases the heart rate. You’ll also find that the jumping action helps tone your core as well. Whether you include in the main body of your workout or use it as one of the cool-down exercises you save for the end is up to you.

General Equipment

There are also a few pieces of general CrossFit gym equipment that should be on hand. Always make sure you have exercise mats that provide some amount of cushioning while you jump rope, do yoga, or engage in simple exercises like push-ups. The cushioning absorbs enough of the shock to minimize the risk of injury while still allowing you to get the most benefit from these simple exercises.

Don’t forget to consider investing in boxing gloves and a punching bag. Along with working your upper body and helping improve balance, that punching bag will go a long way toward helping eliminate any stress that built up during the day.

Medicine balls are great for carrying while you do squats or perform exercises aimed at working your stomach muscles. They are also handy if you have a friend come over to work out, since the ball can be tossed back and forth between the two of you.

As the benefits of your workouts become more apparent, there will be other pieces of equipment to add to your home gym. Even so, all of these will continue to be important parts to getting fit and keeping that way. Start setting up the gym now and get in the habit of using it regularly. You’ll soon find that those workouts are one of the highlights of the day.


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