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Your Ultimate Guide to Weighted Vests

Mar 10, 20240 comments

By: Mickayla Faierstein

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Ever wonder how to effortlessly boost your workouts and achieve remarkable results in less time? Let me introduce you to a game changer: the weighted vest.

Why a Weighted vest?

Weighted vests are a simple concept. They are vests with added weight. By wearing a weighted vest you're introducing your body to a higher level of resistance with every move you make. It's like a superhero vest! Your muscles work harder leading to increased strength and endurance over time! How cool is that?

→ What to look for in a weighted workout vest:

When looking for the best weighted vest for you, you might want to think about the following things especially if you're into Crossfit or Calisthenics. For runners, a weight vest for runners designed for mobility and comfort can make all the difference. Meanwhile, if you're into walking or hiking with a weighted vest, look for vests that balance weight and wearability.  

  • Make sure the vest is form-fitting. you don’t want the weights to move around during your workout. A properly fitted vest ensures an even weight distribution during your workout. A good option is an adjustable weighted vest like this one: Amstaff adjustable weighted vest.

  • Look for a vest that has adjustable weights. This guarantees a workout customized to your needs! As your fitness journey progresses, you might wish to add weight in increments. If you’re looking for a challenge check out Amstaff fitness tactical weighted vest.

  • Find a weighted vest that suits your fitness level. Whether you are a beginner, or advanced, there is always a weighted vest that can accommodate your needs.

  • Benefits and advantages:

    Incorporating a weighted vest into your fitness routine can offer a wide range of benefits!

    • They add extra resistance to body-weight exercises causing a more effective workout for muscle-building
    • Weighted vests increase your cardio endurance, helping your heart and lung health
    • Strengthens your bones
    • Increased calorie burn

    → How do you choose the right weight for a weighted vest?

    First, it is important to assess your fitness level and experience with endurance training. If you are a beginner and plan to walk with your weighted vest, start with a smaller weight and increase as you go.

    Your next step is to consider your exercise routine and think about the types of exercise you want to do with your vest. The style of the vest will change depending on the intensity of your exercise routine.

    In-store, you may want to try out the different types of vests and decide which feels best for you. 

    Can weighted vests be used for activities other than exercise?

    weighted vest

    Yes! A weighted vest can be very beneficial for elevating your everyday activities. It’s a sneaky way to improve your posture habits, increase cardio, burn more calories, and improve your functional strength.

    Spotlight on some top picks to get you started:

    AmStaff Tactical Weighted Vest - Quick Release Fitted Style

    quick release adjustable tactical weighted vest

    What is included? 

    Imagine a vest that combines the snug fit of your favourite hoodie, with the adjustability of a custom workout. That’s the Amstaff tactical weighted vest for you. This vest has a basic weight of 2 pounds and can be customized to add weight plates to the front and back. It also has an amazing range of motion.  Additional weight plate sets are also available in 7lbs, 11lbs, 17lbs, and 27lbs, you can customize the difficulty to your routine.

  • Quick-release buckles are a game changer for letting you adjust on the go
  • Weight possibilities can be customized for increasing resistance training.
  • For optimal comfort, use adjustable tension bands and yoke shoulder pads.
  • Long-lasting, water-resistant nylon fabric that is sturdy.
  • Aerospace mesh and airflow ducts improve breathability.

  • AmStaff Fitness Tactical Weighted Vest

    AmStaff Fitness Tactical Weight Vests

    What is included? 

    With a base weight of 3 lbs, the Tactical Plate Carrier Vest is available for purchase separately or in combination with a set of weight plates, making it great for both men and women. There are possibilities for weight plate sets of 7 lbs, 11 lbs, 17 lbs, and 27 lbs.

    Sets that you can purchase:

  • 10lb set: designed for beginners and light workouts
  • 14lb set: great for moderate-intensity exercises 
  • 20lb set: perfect for advanced fitness
  • 30lb set: the heaviest set, designed for high-intensity training

  • AmStaff Adjustable Weighted Vest

    For those who mean business, this heavy-weight vest offers great weight options up to 65lbs! It’s almost like carrying sacks of potatoes on your back except in style, and not breaking your back.

            So don’t be this guy ↓

    man wearing weighted vest

                                                    Be this guy ↑ 

    What is included? 

  • 36lb and 65lb weight options
  • Easily removable iron weight blocks each weighing about 2lbs
  • Double robust padding and lining throughout the body and shoulders 
  • Uniform weight distribution
  • High-quality velcro closures
  • Quick Release™ Buckle System

  • By now you're probably itching to put on a weighted vest and elevate your workouts. With this guide, you’re now well-equipped to take advantage of weighted vests and transform your fitness routine. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised how far you can go. Before you know it, you’ll be wondering how you ever exercised without one. The best part is, after your workout, you’ll finally get the weight off your chest! 

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