What Is the Best Home Equipment You Can Get for Crossfit?

What Is the Best Home Equipment You Can Get for Crossfit?

May 29, 20200 comments

Outfitting a home gym means investing in some basic crossfit equipment. The best approach is to begin with some of the essentials and gradually add more pieces as your workout is broadened. To help you select the best crossfit equipment, consider these four suggestions carefully. They will provide what you need to develop a credible beginning exercise plan and be poised to add more equipment when the time is right.

Climbing Ropes

A climbing rope is one of the simplest types of crossfit equipment you can purchase. All you need is a solid hook in the ceiling capable of supporting your body weight. The rope will attached to the hook with ease. You can then grip the rope and have a lot of fun climbing to the top and then slowly making your way back to ground level.

The ropes are available in several different lengths. Choose one that will extend from the ceiling all the way to the floor. You will also want to invest in thick exercise pads to place under and around the site where the rope is mounted. In the event you should lose your grip and fall, the pads will provide the cushioning needed to prevent injury.

Gymnastics Rings

Gym rings are a type of crossfit rings for sale that you can use for several different routines. Like the climbing rope, a set of gym rings are mounted to the ceiling and hang down for easy access. You can perform pull-ups using the rings, or try a few different swinging exercises. Top to bottom holds, push-ups, and plank holds are some additional suggestions.

The same type of pads you use under the climbing rope should also be used with the rings. If you should slip, the padding will break the fall and reduce the potential for injury.

Pull-Up Bars

Pull-up and chin-up bars are excellent additions to your home gym. They provide excellent ways to use your own body weight to begin building the upper body. The right blend of exercises will provide the resistance needed to tone the arms, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. Along with toning the muscles, you will begin to see more definition develop in a matter of weeks.

You can invest in a bar that suspends from the ceiling or go with a wall-mounted model. There are also over the door models that you can consider. When choosing a bar, make sure to invest in one that will support your body weight and is coated to allow a firm grip.

Weight Bench With Free Weights

What would a home gym be without functional training equipment like the weight bench. Invest in a bench that allows you to get in a prone or a tilted position. If the bench will allow you to add attachments that support free weights, that’s all the better. You will be able to use the bench for everything from pressing weights to performing sit-ups.

Start with these essentials and see how your home fitness plan goes for a month. If you commit to a regular routine, you will notice that your body is more toned, there is more energy, and you seem to handle stress easier. 

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