Where to Find Local Fitness Classes

Where to Find Local Fitness Classes

Jul 10, 20210 comments

Starting out doing something new is one of the biggest challenges you could ever face, especially when you don’t even know where to start. Whenever people are uncertain, they tend to come up with excuses. The main reasons cited by people for not going to their local fitness centres included 1) lack of time (39.5%), 2) lack of confidence (16.5%) and 3) gym is too busy (14.3%) according to Better, a UK-based non-profit social enterprise dedicated to promoting fitness and leisure across the country.

When it comes to fitness, the main issue that arises is finding the professionals with experience that can show you which exercises and muscle groups to focus on to reap the results you want. Fantastic! All you need to do now is find your local fitness centre, get in touch, sign up to a fitness class and get to it. Oh wait, there’s a limit on the number of people allowed to enter, an online booking system that’s constantly full and a requirement to wear a mask while on the premises. Never mind, in that case it probably won’t work.

It’s for those very reasons that the past few years have been dominated by the advent of home gyms and online fitness classes. According to research from ClubIntel, a consumer insight firm serving the fitness industry, 72% of fitness club owners are now offering hybrid on-demand and livestream group workouts to match consumer’s shifting tastes. And now that it’s available, let’s go find out what is best for you.

What To Look for In a Fitness Class

Everyone is unique. It might come off as a cliche remark but it remains true nonetheless. When searching for a local fitness class, stop and ask yourself: Who am I going for? The answer should be yourself. If that is the case, why bother going and investing your time, energy and money into a program that won’t take your unique needs and desires into account.

Sure, there are plenty of fitness programs available via your local city’s recreation board or local fitness studio that shut its doors due to the pandemic. However, finding a program with real-time advice that isn’t simply from your local coach but from world renowned experts as well as being available from the comfort of your home at an affordable price, that is hard to come by.

Learning how to pace yourself, setting up long-term goals and figuring out what your priorities are is key to finding the ideal workout type and environment for you. Is weight loss your number one priority? In that case, you shouldn’t be spending your time in the gym with weights and a strength coach. Similarly, if your goal is to bulk up, you shouldn't be wasting your time on extensive cardio. Once you know yourself what you’re looking for, all that’s left for you to do is to go out there and do it.

A Program That Works for You - Choosing iFit

iFit is a health and fitness technology company that specializes in providing online fitness classes geared towards a multitude of different fitness equipment as well as for a variety of fitness levels to ensure no one is left behind. Their comprehensive approach includes thousands of on-demand workouts as well as live group fitness classes which you can take part in from anywhere in the world.

The iFit app which can be used on phones, tablets or TVs offers you live workouts from more than 180 hand picked world class athletes/trainers ranging from Olympic gold medallists, top fitness and nutrition doctors to renowned fitness trainers and coaches. Pick and choose your field, whether it be endurance and tempo, boxing, weight loss, strength or yoga; the iFit program has it all.

Changing Your Workout from Boring to Rewarding

With over 5 million total members, and nearly 35 million live and on-demand workouts streamed in 2020, iFit remains an ever-more popular alternative to your traditional in-person fitness classes. With online fitness applications such as iFit, one has the power to choose from an enormous library of workouts to find one that perfectly matches your needs.

The trainer-led style of the workouts means that no one feels out of place since everyone works to the same tempo (i..e the tempo of the trainer) and the trainer decides the best workouts for the group based on their fitness goals and current condition.

The World at Your Fingertips

Have you ever thought that you would work out more if you could do it in a more interesting setting? In that case, have no fear because iFit is here!

With the power of modern technology, you can now find yourself running down the streets of Rome, biking through the desolate wilderness of Patagonia or rowing across Lake Simcoe, everything is possible.

Experience workouts that incorporate various parts into your routine along with a huge variety of training types to help give your workout that extra boost. In fact, treadmills, bikes and rowers will mimic the terrain of your chosen destination by having you run up enormous hills or on flat prairies so that no matter what the weather may be outside, you’re ready to run, bike, row and train right in the comfort of your own home all for $15.

Finding Quality Equipment for a Quality Workout

Finding high quality, long lasting and affordable equipment that you can trust is difficult. After all, your home gym is a place where you plan to put all of your mind and body into to get results so aiming low with your fitness equipment won’t cut it. That’s why Fitness Avenue is here to provide households across the GTA with door-to-door delivery to bring you the best of treadmills, indoor bikes, rowers, weights, benches, power racks and much more!

Our wide array of NordicTrack indoor bikes, rowers and treadmills are compatible with the iFit Coach ready program with our studio cycle, upgraded NordicTrack and Nordictrack rowers including a 1-year iFit membership FREE of charge. To find out more about our extensive array of fitness equipment options and deals, don’t hesitate to visit us at https://www.fitnessavenue.ca to learn more.

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