Elite Ultimate Set

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Introducing the "Elite Ultimate Set," the pinnacle of home gym setups, designed for the dedicated athlete. This premium bundle features the AmStaff TR025 Power/Squat Rack, a top-of-the-line choice for heavy lifting and intense workouts. With its solid construction and expansive functionality, including a multi-grip pull-up bar, heavy-duty dip bars and ample storage for weight plates, it meets the demands of even the most advanced routines.

The set is completed with the AmStaff Fitness TS009 Premium Multi-FID Bench, a versatile and sturdy bench offering a variety of positions for targeted muscle training. With its superior comfort and durability, this bench can withstand the most rigorous of workouts. This set delivers unparalleled performance and quality for the athlete who demands nothing but the best.

AmStaff TR025 Power / Squat Rack

The AmStaff Power Rack is an extremely solid and effective unit and yet it is compact. The AmStaff Power Rack is designed to fit into home while it is strong enough for a gym use. AmStaff Fitness comes with a 5 years structural warranty along with 1 year warranty on all the cables and pulleys.

With the large amount of safety points as well as band pegs for positive and negative functional strength training, the AmStaff Power Rack offer large variety of the most effective free-weight exercises. Combine this with the optional Lat Pull Down/Low Row and Cable Crossover options for the ultimate workout in the comfort of your own home. Although it can be used by three people at the same at is still very compact.

Use Strength Bands along with you AmStaff Power Rack to perform Negative and Positive exercises, assisted pull-ups, assisted dips, resisted push-ups, band weighted pull-ups, band weighted dips and many other exercises.

Product Specifications

- Assembled Dimensions - 84”H x 48”W x 57”D
- Accepts standard and olympic size weight plates.
- Includes 4x Barbell Hooks and 2x Barbell Safety’s with rubber surface which extends the durability of your barbell
- Includes Dip Bars with 2" grip and Diamond knurling
- Perform large variety of different exercises including coompund and band exercises!
- Features fully adjustable Band Pegs for positive and negative exercises for the Ultimate Workout.
- Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar with deep knurling.
- Instructions provided for easy setup. 
- Perform free-weight exercises knowing you are safe with heavy duty reliable safety catches you can workout to failure and push your muscles to the max!
- Built to last high quality heavy-guage steel that supports even the toughest of workouts.
- 5 years Structural Replacement Warranty.
- Olympic Bar, Plate Weights and Strength Bands are not included.
- Assembly required.
- Weight load capacities: Barbell Hooks: 1000lbs / Barbell Safety’s: 1500lbs
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AmStaff Fitness TS009 Premium Multi-FID Bench

Get a full-body workout with the toughest Flat to Incline/Decline Bench available! The AmStaff Fitness TS009 FID Bench is heavy duty and fully adjustable to give you a solid workout! The AmStaff bench is made to take as much as you can give it and is the ultimate bench for a complete free-weight workout! Solid, compact and effective, this bench is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home.

Product Specifications
• Fully adjustable from Flat to Incline and Decline positions
• Gives you some of the best free weight exercises to build a rock solid body!
• Perform free-weight exercises knowing you are safe, with high quality padding you will not bottom out and can build your muscles to the max!
• Quick and easy seat and back pad adjustment handles
• Dual rear transport wheels which allows you to easily move and roll the bench anywhere you like without having to pick up the bench completely
• Non slip rubber feet give you a solid and stable workout
• Removable handle and leg pad attachment for intense decline exercises
• Built to last high quality heavy-guage steel that supports even the toughest of workouts
• Strong and durable high density gym quality thick foam padding
• Constructed of 2" x 3" tubing
• Dimensions: 20"H x 62"D x 24"W
• Assembly required
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