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Why Using Weights Matters

The age of free weights is not dead. In fact, many people use them as the foundation for their home workouts. The great thing is that they come in a number of different designs. Whether the need is for plates that can be added to a bar and used for bench pressing, dumbbells that are ideal for working the arms while watching television, or kettlebells to use during breaks at work, there’s something for everyone.

Simple and Quick

Many free weights don’t require any other type of equipment in order to use them. Kettlebells are a prime example. The design makes it easy to grip the bells and use them for all sorts of upper body strength training. Build mass on the shoulders, the upper arms, or even use curls to build up the lower arms and strengthen the wrists. Some workouts can be performed while sitting down while others can be completed easily while standing.

Increase Weight Over Time

When the plan is to invest in plates, it’s easy to purchase them in different weights. As the individual increases in body strength, it’s easy to add one more plate to each side of the bar and increase the total amount lifted and pressed. Thanks to the fact that multiple plates can be added, it’s easy to start with a relatively manageable weight, master the form for the pressing, and incrementally add more weight to challenge those muscles a little more.

Catching a Few Minutes of Exercise Here and There

Dumbbells are not limited to use in a weight room or a gym. They can be kept by the sofa and used for a short workout while watching television. The smaller size means they don’t take up much room, but they can go a long way with toning muscles even if they are only used for a few minutes here and there.

Never omit weights from the exercise regimen. Thanks to the diverse designs available, it won’t be hard to find a set that makes short workouts something to look forward to.