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Choosing the Best Plates for a Home Gym

No workout is complete without including weight lifting. That means investing in plates and weight bars that provide the right blend of benefits. Fortunately, plates come in all sizes and several different configurations. Here is what it takes to choose the right plates for a home gym.

Including Smaller Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are among the most popular designs for these types of weights. Start off with smaller ones that can be used with relative ease but still have enough weight to provide a challenger. Even after the individual increases in endurance and strength, those smaller plates and be used to incrementally increase the amount of weight being lifted.

What About Other Designs?

Bumper weights are only one choice. There’s also the possibility of purchasing Olympic plates. Rather than a solid shape, they resemble a wheel complete with spokes. They can be easier to pick up and add to a weight bar. Olympic weights provide the same range of benefits as bumper weights, and may be used in a wider range of applications.

Start with a basic set of plates and feel free to add to the collection over time. Doing so will ensure there is always a way to take the lifting and pressing to the next level without adding too much weight too fast.