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Will Wearing Weighted Vests Really Improve Results?

Weighted vests aren’t anything new, but they are attracting more attention. Once considered a resource for professional athletes, others who are interested in getting more from their workouts are now investing in the vests. Here are some of the ways that wearing one will enhance the benefits of working out.

Aiding in Weight Loss

The extra weight provided by the vest helps to increase the effects of all sorts of exercises. For example, speed walking while wearing a vest helps to tone leg and thigh muscles faster. It also helps burn more calories and shrink fat cells. People who would like to lose a few inches around the waist faster would do well to think about purchasing a vest.

Improve Jumping

If part of the workout involves leaping over hurdles, a weight vest certainly makes the task more of a challenge. Mastering those hurdles while wearing a vest increases strength and agility.

Resistant Training While Jogging

Thanks to the added weight, jogging while wearing the vest increases the cardiovascular benefits and helps to tone the legs faster. Because the lower body has to work harder to maintain the pace, the muscles in the body core also get more of a workout.

Take a look at the weight vests available today and purchase one to try. After wearing it for a few routines, it will be easy to see why it’s been a favorite of many athletes for years.