5 Ways to Ensure My Home Gym Equipment is Well Maintained

5 Ways to Ensure My Home Gym Equipment is Well Maintained

Dec 10, 20190 comments

The whole point of having a home gym is being able to work out any time you like. That investment in the right equipment ensures that you can work out even if the weather motivates you to not set foot outside the front door. Along with creating a workout schedule and sticking to it, you want to ensure that all of your gym equipment is taken care of properly. Here are five tips that will serve you well. 

Read Those Manuals

Every piece of gym equipment you purchased came with instructions and user manuals. Instead of tossing them in a drawer and forgetting they exist sit down and read them carefully. Pay close attention to the information related to general care and upkeep. Even if you think you know all there is to know about the properly care of a fitness cable machine, that manual will provide you with some additional insights that come in handy in the years to come.

Cleanliness Matters 

Ideally all of your equipment should be kept clean at all times. This is more involved than wiping them down with a towel when you finish a repetition. You want to spend some time removing any dust or residue that builds up on all of the parts. Dust settling into any of the moving parts will create additional friction that will cause operational problems in the years to come. By keeping each piece of equipment free of all residue, you'll enjoy those pieces more in the years to come. 

Remember to Lubricate 

One of the things you learned by reading the user manuals is what type of lubrication each of those machines need, and how often you need to apply fresh product. Pay close attention to how much lubricant to use and when it should be applied. Doing so ensures that all the parts work as they should and there are no worries about sticking or too much friction beginning to wear down different components. 

Prepare and Use a Checklist 

As part of your maintenance program, create and make use of a checklist that identifies every type of upkeep you need to perform. It wouldn't hurt to include some ideas of how often you need to address each line item on that list. If you are a little unsure of how to design such a list, ask a friend who has maintained a home gym for a number of years. You can also take a look at online fitness equipment checklists and adapt one to fit the machines and weights that you've chosen to include in your home gym. 

Assemble a Repair Kit 

If there should be the need to make some sort of repair, it helps if you already have the essentials tucked away in a closet. Not having the right tools or the more common replacement parts on hand means you are likely to let the repair slide for some time. That won't be good for your workouts. Invest in the right resources and you'll be able to make repairs on the spot and keep putting those machines to good use.

Remember that a home gym is only helpful if you put it to good use. Keep your special equipment in good condition and the task of getting and keeping fit will be less complicated.

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