Don't Resist the Urge to Add Resistance to Your Workout

Don't Resist the Urge to Add Resistance to Your Workout

Dec 18, 20190 comments

Resistance training is one of the oldest and most reliable ways to make the most of a workout. Whether your routine calls for using a home gym or working out at a club, it pays to include equipment that adds that little something extra in the way of resistance. Here are some examples of what to use and how the right equipment will make a difference. 

Working Out While Wearing a Weighted Vest 

Many of the exercises you include in your routine will be more effective if you wear a weighted vest. This device slips on with ease and the weight can be adjusted by adding or removing weights in each of the chambers included in the design. Using gravity as the means of resistance, you get the benefit of placing more tension on your muscles. That in turn helps with muscle toning, building strength, and increasing your endurance. 

For example, try wearing the vest while you do sit-ups. The added resistant will do wonders for your core. Donning the vest before a power walk or a run around the neighborhood also helps to build endurance and tone your legs a little faster. Just about any exercise that calls for moving your torso can be enhanced using this type of workout equipment.

Using a Bulgarian Bag 

You may not have heard of a Bulgarian bag before, but this simple piece of equipment can do wonders when it comes to enhancing weight training, endurance, and strength training. In fact, the bag is one of the more common ways to enjoy a workout even if you don't have access to a set of barbells. 

You can purchase Bulgarian bags in different weights, then incorporate them into everything from straddle hops to arm rotations and even deep-knee bends. The handles included in the bad design allow you to reposition it so that you get more resistance during every repetition. 

Don't Forget the Rings 

When was the last time you thought about including gymnastics rings in your workout? You may have heard them referred to as still rings, these are ideal for providing more resistance when you are seeking to build up the shoulders, arms, and even the chest. The rings are suspended using cables and are normally employed with a set of grips. That makes it easier to conduct a series of swinging exercises, body lifts, and a number of other routines. Much of the resistance is created by making use of your own body weight. 

Many of the things you already do involve some amount of resistance. Why not intentionally include more equipment that increases that resistance and enhances those efforts? Take the time to learn more about each of these types of equipment, consider how they fit in with your fitness goals, and give one or more of them a try. Once you notice how they do increase the results and help you move closer to your goals, it will be easy to see how the investment was money well spent.

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