Achieve Your New Year's Resolution Fitness Goals at Home

Achieve Your New Year's Resolution Fitness Goals at Home

Dec 25, 20190 comments

The New Year is coming and many people resolve to get in better shape. That’s great, but reaching such a goal does mean making some concrete plans now. Here are some tips that will provide some structure and guidance for the effort. By putting them to good use, the odds of achieving those goals in the coming year are much higher.

Get a Physical First

Unless you’ve had a complete physical in the last month or so, it makes sense to have one before embarking on any type of workout planning. If there is any underlying health issue that makes it wise to limit or omit some specific type of exercise, now is the time to find out. Assuming the results indicate you can include just about any type of physical exertion you want in the routine, you can move forward with the planning.

Choose the Right Equipment

What type of equipment and accessories will help you reach your goal? Is jump training part of that fitness plan?  What will you need along with that plyometric equipment? Depending on what type of exercises you are including in the routine, some machines will be ideal and others need to be left in the store until a later date. Don’t get distracted by fitness machines for sale; focus on what you need to get started and what will remain part of your routine for the long haul. There’s always the opportunity to add something new to the home gym later on if needed.

Start at a Reasonable Pace

After not working out for a long time, those muscles will not be able to perform at the same level as before. There is the need to begin at a reasonable level and move forward at a responsible pace. Nothing is gained by grabbing every free weight in a fitness shop and trying to pile all of them on a bar at once. Begin with just enough weight to be a challenge, but not enough to pull or tear any muscles. By pacing yourself, it’s possible to begin toning the body, build muscle strength incrementally, and avoid any type of injury. 

Diet and Nutrition Matter

If you are serious about reaching your fitness goals, working out is only one part of the puzzle. Some dietary changes are in order. You need foods that provide you with protein, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of nutrients. That means some foods will need to go, others can be enjoyed in moderation, and a few new things need to be included.

Stick With the Plan

Many people begin workout plans with the best of intentions, then get side-tracked by other things happening in their lives. Choosing to not work out one day because it’s been a busy one makes it all the easier to put off exercising the next day. Like many things in life, you need to work out even when you aren’t really in the mood to do so. Sticking with the plan will allow you to feel better about yourself and increase the odds of seeing results sooner rather than later.

Coming up with a workable plan and investing in the right equipment is the best way to achieve your fitness goals in the coming year. Start getting everything in order now and you’ll be ready to jump right in as soon as the New Year’s celebrations are over.

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