Get an "Octagon Ready" Body With These 5 Tips

Get an "Octagon Ready" Body With These 5 Tips

Dec 31, 20190 comments

You already know that the concept of octagon fitness is based on paying close attention to a core group of eight aspects that impact the well being of your body and mind. These include dietary choices, the types of exercise you engage in, and other lifestyle choices designed to help increase your fitness, general health, and provide clarity and balance to your emotions. As you design a fitness regimen that keeps this approach in mind, it pays to employ these five tips. 

The Choice of Equipment Matters

No two people are at the same level of physical fitness. That means whatever works for you may be too much or too little for someone else. The goal is to choose equipment that works with what you need right this minute. Ideally, purchasing any gym products online will mean that they can be added to or enhanced as time goes on. When your fitness level increases, that same equipment will still serve a purpose. 

Using the Equipment Responsibly

Even after that visit to the gym equipment online store, the placement of your order, and ultimately the arrival of the purchases, it pays to learn how to put each piece of fitness equipment to good use. Don’t assume that you can look at the machine or the weights and know how to utilize them to best effect. A better approach is to get help from an expert who can demonstrate their use, help you refine your form, and in general provide tips on how to work different muscle groups without ending up with an injury. 

Varying the Routine

One of the reasons that many people give up on fitness and exercise plans is because they do the same old thing every time they work out. This is counterproductive in more than one way. Along with neglecting certain muscle groups, the routine gets boring.

Add some spice by developing a routine that varies from one day to the next. Focus on the upper body today and then spend more time on the legs tomorrow. One day can include lifting weights while another is devoted to working out with some type of aerobic exercise. The variety allows you to get around to every part of the body and also keeps your exercise regimen fresh. 

Getting in Some MMA

Mixed martial arts are a wonderful way to work the body and also improve skills like focus and range of motion. With the right MMA equipment on hand, you have the chance to work out alone or with a partner. Depending on your preferences, it’s fine to focus on one or two arts for awhile, then work in a third. 

Honest Assessments Matter

Progress with fitness does not constantly march forward. Expect to have periods when it seems no amount of effort moves your forward. There may even be a time when you seem to be slipping backward. Be honest about what is happening and know that whatever is in the way is only temporary. Keeping this in mind reduces the chances of getting discouraged and giving up. 

Today is a perfect time to start getting in shape again. Find the right resources and learn to use them wisely. In a matter of weeks, you’ll notice the difference and have the motivation to keep moving toward your goal.

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