Build Strength & Cardio With These 3 Workouts

Build Strength & Cardio With These 3 Workouts

Jan 08, 20200 comments

Summer will be here soon and it would be nice to feel comfortable in your swimsuit. Now is the time to shed those extra pounds and tone those muscles. It wouldn’t hurt to include some cardio exercises to help boost circulation and keep your heart in good shape too. Here are three workouts that will help you get started.

Hack Squats

Hack squats are a form of weightlifting that involves the use of the legs. The easiest way to include this exercise in your routine is to purchase one of the hack squat machines for your home gym and learn how to use it safely.

To perform a hack squat, place your back on the pad of the machine and position your shoulders under the pads that come with the equipment. You feet should be on the platform so your legs are spaced vertically with your shoulders and bent at the knees. Having your feet pointing slightly upward is also important.

After releasing the safety bars, use your legs to push upward until they are straight. Hold the position for several seconds before slowly returning to the crouched position. Remember to keep your back straight throughout the process. You’ll find that inhaling when you lower the weight and exhaling as you raise it will provide the oxygen your muscles need to respond.

Start with 10 to 15 repetitions and slowly build up your endurance. The exercise will work your lower body, legs, and the glutes. Remember that it’s fine to start out with less resistance and gradually increase it as you master the routine.

Aerobic Stepping

For this exercise, you’ll need a portable platform that makes it easier for you to step up and down. The height of an aerobic step platform will vary. Some designs can be adjusted a few inches. The goal is to find a height that provides something of a challenge.

There are several aerobic exercises that call for a stepping action. Many involve stepping upward with one foot, stepping back, and repeating the action with the other foot. With some you step back and forth over the platform. It’s not unusual for the stepping to be done to music. Something with a beat that keeps you motivated to move up and down is a good choice.

Try to go for 15 minutes during the early stages of your workout. As you become more accustomed to the routine and you find that your heart rate doesn’t rise as quickly as before, feel free to add another 5 minutes. Along with providing your heart with a good workout, this exercise also helps build leg muscles and tone up your glute muscles.

Chin Ups

It’s hard to identify a more basic exercise that offers so many benefits. A chin up involves the use of a bar and the ability to lift yourself off the ground, hold your chin above the bar for 30 seconds, then lower yourself back into a position where your arms are straight. Chin up bars are often included in weight bench designs or you can purchase one online that can be secured in a door frame.

Since you are just starting, shoot for no more than five chin ups at first. You’ll feel the pull in your neck, upper arms, back, and chest. While it will be tough at first, it won’t be long until doing a set of five comes easily enough to go for ten.

This part of your routine builds muscles in your upper body and your arms. Men also find this exercise helpful because it’s believed to help increase the production and release of testosterone in the body. As you do more chin ups, the rush that comes will make the effort worth every second.

Why wait any longer? Today is the day to order your equipment and set up a home gym. Once you begin to see the results, the idea of skipping a workout will never occur to you again.

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