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Making the Most of Power Racks and Squat Equipment

Power racks are a great way to broaden the options with weight lifting. One of the beauties of a rack is that it’s possible to use it while standing, squatting, or lying on a bench. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a power rack.

Adjust the Safety Bars

The safety bars on each side of the rack make it possible to create spots to rest the weight bar when necessary. Use what is normally called sticking points to position the safety bars. These are points where it may be necessary to rest the weight bar quickly if the individual feels the knees beginning to buckle or a cramp develops.

Have More Than One Set of Bars

This is particular important if the plan is to use the rack for squats with weights. Have one set of bars that can be used when standing upright and another set that is roughly at the right height for a full squat.

Work Out With a Friend

While the racks do make it safer to use plates alone, it never hurts to work out with a friend. An extra set of hands will come in handy if a severe cramp does develop.

Compare bench designs and pay close attention to the way they are configured. Make sure there is room to place a bench or some type of seat within the cage if desired. Once the rack is set up and the right accessories are on hand, moving through a workout will be all the easier.