Does Your Gym’s Equipment Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Gym’s Equipment Need an Upgrade?

Feb 14, 20200 comments

Like most things in life, gym equipment will not last forever. Your goal is to recognize when the time has come to invest in something new. Here are a few tips that will help you know when the time has come to upgrade the equipment and keep the gym in top shape.

The Noise Factor

It’s normal to expect weight machines and similar functional training equipment to make some amount of noise. What you should listen for closely is sounds that indicate the equipment is wearing out. Have you noticed sounds like gears grinding or rattling noises that seem to happen without warning? That could be a sign that the piece of equipment is about to fail. Depending on what is happening, it may be time to look at commercial gym equipment for sale rather than trying to get the older equipment repaired.

Smells Matter Too

When you have any type of equipment that is motorized, be aware of any unusual smells. For example, do you notice a slight aroma of burning rubber after someone uses the treadmill? That could mean a real problem is developing. Have a professional check the equipment and find out what’s causing the unusual scent. If it’s going to cost a lot of money to repair the older machine, you would do well to think about replacing it.

Even benches and similar equipment with no motorized parts can begin to have an odor after a time. Proper cleaning will allow the padded areas to remain fresh longer, but be aware when people start to complain about the smell. That’s a sure sign that you need to consider investing in a new exercise bench without any delays.

Replacement Parts are Getting Harder to Find

When the equipment was newer, you had no problems finding replacement parts. These days, it’s not just a matter of finding the right part. You are also paying more since those parts are no longer in production. Instead of spending more money on a machine or piece of equipment that will have to be replaced eventually, go ahead and buy new equipment. In the long run, you’ll save a reasonable amount of money.

Age is Another Factor

You can expect to have more operational issues with the equipment as the machines get older. Just as you occasionally decide to purchase new gym accessories via online shopping, it pays to stay on top of which equipment and machines are currently on sale.

It’s one thing if your equipment is only five years old but it’s a different matter if you’ve had the same ones in place for over a decade. There’s a good chance the machines are no longer that efficient and are actually hampering the workouts. Something newer will produce better results for everyone using the equipment.

Remember that newer equipment is likely to provide all the benefits of your older machines plus a few more advantages. Check out what’s on the market today and try one or two new machines. You will soon see why upgrading is a wise move.

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