Dumbbells Sets are the New at Home Fitness Trend: Here's Why!

Dumbbells Sets are the New at Home Fitness Trend: Here's Why!

Sep 11, 20200 comments

Not everyone finds it easy to get to the gym regularly. Other people prefer to work out in the comfort of their homes even when they could carve out time for workouts at a fitness club. Whatever the reason for working out at home, you want to have at least a couple of sets of dumbbells on hand. They provide quite a few benefits, which is one of the reasons they are such a popular way to work out at home. Here are some of the other reasons that dumbbell sets are a must for your home workout.

An Inexpensive Way to Get Started 

It’s possible to spend quite a bit of money on home gym equipment. The thing is not everyone has the cash on hand to buy all sorts of benches, presses, and other items right off the bat. Over time, it’s possible to add something new now and then and end up with a fully-equipped home gym. In the meantime, there’s the need to get started with something that provides a decent workout without spending a lot of money. 

That’s where dumbbells come into the picture. Of all the equipment on the market today, it’s hard to find something that would be more affordable. You can find great deals on sets that sell strength equipment online as well as at local fitness shops. Best of all, you can start out with a single set of dumbbells and then add more from time to time. Along the way, you get to enjoy the health benefits of including them in your workout.

They Don’t Take Up a Lot of Space

What sort of home workout area do you have available? Are you basically working out in the corner of your bedroom or possibly on the patio? Maybe you have cleaned out the basement with plans to convert it into a full home gym. Whatever the situation you want dumbbells to be part of the planning.

Of all the different types of fitness equipment, these tend to take up very little space. If you are working out in your bedroom, a pair can often be slid under the bed when not in used. You can tuck a rack in a corner of the patio and they are easily accessed but out of the way when you use the space for other purposes.  Even if you are creating a home gym, have a rack with your dumbbell sets over in one corner means more room for benches, resistance machines, and other types of equipment.

If a rack would be helpful, you can find them along with other strength equipment online. Along with ensuring the weights are handy without taking up much space, you’ll also find it easier to keep multiple sets properly organized.

A Quick and Easy Learning Curve

It’s hard to think of any type of exercise equipment that’s easier to master than a set of dumbbells. You may not think you are the most coordinated person in the world, but learning basic routines using these weights will be much easier than you think. Along with allowing you to begin building strength and endurance, the self-confidence that comes from performing the exercises properly will motivate you to try more complex fitness equipment. That’s a good thing for your health in the years to come.

Remember that you don’t have to start by learning several different exercises at one time. It’s perfectly acceptable to choose one and master it before adding another one to the mix. It won’t take long to feel comfortable with several exercises and notice that the time passes quickly when you work out.

A Great Approach to Joint Isolation Workouts

The nice thing about dumbbells is that they are so versatile. Use them for joint isolation workouts if there is some area of the body that you specifically want to improve. Shoulder raises and bicep curls are just two of the area-specific exercises you can perform. Keep in mind that as you build muscle, the resistance offered by your current pair may not be much of a challenge. That’s when you find a site that sells strength equipment online and invest in a set that’s heavier and will help you continue toning and increasing muscle mass.

They Also Work for Full-Body Workouts

As great as dumbbell sets are for joint isolation exercises, they are also helpful for full-body workouts. It’s possible to use them to work the leg muscles, work the shoulders and chest at the same time, or even as part of a routine to tone and strengthen your core. Whether you use them in tandem with a weight bench or while stretched out on an exercise mat, it’s simple enough to design a routine that allows you to work out the entire body and promote greater flexibility and muscle proportion.

Don’t Overlook the Cardiovascular Benefits

Through it all, remember that using dumbbell sets responsibly does more than tone and build muscle. Many of the exercises you perform will also benefit your heart. As you get into the habit of working out at home, you’ll notice that your heart rate returns to normal a lot sooner than it did at first. That’s because the workout is helping to strengthen the heart muscle and ensure that it pumps blood through the body more efficiently. Only good things can come from having a stronger heart, so keep using those dumbbells.

Are you convinced that a dumbbell set needs to be part of your home workout equipment? Do some shopping for strength equipment online today and compare different pairs and sets. Pay attention to features that provide more even weight distribution and also allow you to hold and grip them with greater ease. After you get into the habit of using them several times a week, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without including home workouts in your schedule.

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