Firm Up Your Glutes and Delts With These Home Gym Accessories

Firm Up Your Glutes and Delts With These Home Gym Accessories

Jan 22, 20200 comments

One of the reasons that you purchased equipment from Fitness Avenue and set up your own home gym was to enhance your physical well being. Along with becoming healthier, you also like the idea of looking cut and fit. Two of the areas you really want to work on is the shoulders and the buttocks. The great thing is that toning and strengthening those two areas will not be as difficult as you think. Here are some ideas of how to go about the process and what type of home gym accessories would do the trick.

That Chin Up Bar is Your Friend

Remember the chin up bar that you purchased and mounted in your home gym? How much action has it seen since that time? If it’s not being used during every workout, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to tone and build muscle mass in your shoulders and arms.

While the exercise may seem repetitive, it does allow you to use your own body weight for resistance. That resistance helps to strengthen the deltoid muscles that are found in your shoulders and upper arms. The action of doing a chin up also provides a good workout for the muscles in your lower arms. Don’t worry if you can’t do a hundred repetitions right out of the box. Start with whatever you can manage and gradually increase the number. You’ll be surprised at how many you can manage by the end of the first month.

Stepping Up on Your Use of Step Equipment​

Along with chin up bars, something that helps you work aerobics into your fitness plan is a good thing. Consider the idea of aerobic step equipment. You can purchase a simple step device that helps to simulate the process of walking up a flight of stairs or walking on an incline. Start out at a normal pace and then gradually increase the speed and the number of repetitions. If it helps, have come music playing and keep using the device until you’ve listened to three or four songs. The time will pass quickly and the tension on your glutes will be enough to begin toning and lifting the buttocks.

Don’t Forget That Hack Squat Machine

You probably purchased that hack squat machine from Fitness Avenue as a way to build your leg muscles. In fact, this type of machine is good for just about every part of the body. That includes the two that you are focusing on right now. The resistance from the weights means that you place tension on your glutes every time you move upward and downward. You are also placing more resistance on your shoulders when you move upward. All the way around, this machine is a must if you want to build strength and muscle in your shoulders and also make sure your buttocks are firming up nicely.  

Learn to use these three pieces of equipment properly and it won’t take long to notice a difference. Your shirts will fit better thanks to the improved set of your shoulders and those jeans will not seem to bag quite as much around the hindquarters. As you continue to build more muscle mass, rest assured others will begin to notice that you are looking mighty fine these days.

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