Keep the New Year’s Resolution Alive at Home

Keep the New Year’s Resolution Alive at Home

Jan 31, 20200 comments

One of your resolutions for the New Year involved getting in better shape. You already got off to a good start by outfitting a home gym with equipment you purchased from Fitness Avenue. Unfortunately, life seems to be getting in the way and your visits to your home gym have dwindled down to once or twice a week. Here are some ways that you can get yourself back in the groove and keep that New Year’s resolution from becoming a thing of the past.

You Need a Workout Pal

There’s something about having someone to work out with that makes it easier to stay on track. Since you have everything from the best fitness benches for lifting weights to mats that are ideal for all sorts of aerobics, why not share them with a friend? Invite one or maybe two people over and get them to work out with you. Even if they can only come a couple of times a week, add that to the one or two sessions that you already do solo. The result is that you get to spend time with friends and also continue working on losing that gut or toning those shoulders and upper arms.

Learn to Say No

One of the reasons you are in danger of falling behind in your fitness goals is that you say yes to other activities when you should be at home making the most of your home gym equipment. At the first of the year, you started out with a plan to work out at the same time four nights a week and for one hour on the weekend.

Start thinking of those scheduled workouts as firm commitments rather than something you can put off until later. Experience has taught you that while you may accept that dinner invitation with the intention to come back and work out later, it doesn’t happen. Make your workouts a priority and schedule those social events and similar activities after you finish for the evening.

Freshen the Routine

When you started your fitness regimen, all those activities were brand new. They had a certain appeal. Now that they’ve become more routine, there is not the same rush of accomplishment. You need to vary the routine a little and make it fresh again.

That’s not as hard to do as you think. Along with increasing the resistance in some of the exercises you do, work in some different ones to provide a new challenge. You’d be surprised how many different exercises you can do with those mats for fitness you’ve been using.

Remember that your goal this year was to shed those extra pounds and replace them with firm muscle. That won’t happen if you slack off. Get a workout pal, freshen your routine, and stick to it no matter what. And if you come across some other type of fitness equipment that would make your workouts better, go back to Fitness Avenue and place another order. By the end of this year, you’ll be glad that you didn’t let this resolution fall by the wayside.

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