Home Gym Tip: Yoga & Crossfit Studios are Easy to Make in Your Basement

Home Gym Tip: Yoga & Crossfit Studios are Easy to Make in Your Basement

Mar 31, 20200 comments

You like the idea of working out at home but you aren’t crazy about having to store your equipment under the bed or in a closet. The obvious solution is to clean out the basement and convert it into a combination yoga and crossfit studio. The process will be much easier than you think. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a workout space that’s ready any time you are.

Clearing Out the Clutter

If you are like most people, the basement is a catchall for anything that won’t fit elsewhere. Since you are not using anything stored in the space, why not get rid of it? A rummage sale would allow you to dispose of the clutter and make a little money besides. Anything that doesn’t sell can be donated or passed on to loved ones. If you do come across something that’s not fit for selling or donating, look into the idea of taking it to a recycling center.

Preparing the Space

If the basement floor and walls are not already coated with some type of sealing agent, that should be done as quickly as possible. Have a professional come in and clean every surface before applying the sealant. This will keep the space free of mold and ensure it’s a healthy place to work out.

Allocating Room for Every Aspect of Your Workout

With the basement ready for use, decide how much space you want to devote to each part of your exercise regimen. Consider installing mirrors along one wall and make sure to buy fitness mats that you can use for yoga and some of the stretching exercises you will use as part of the crossfit routine. Remember that it never hurts to lay out the space so more than one person can use it at the same time. If you have a friend who also enjoys yoga, it will be easy to have plenty of room for both of you.

When planning the layout, remember to consider the dimensions of your crossfit equipment too. How much space will the weight bench require? What about your new treadmill? If you plan on having a rowing machine on hand, it needs a place to be set up also. Don’t forget to allow space for jumping rope and doing basic exercises like push-ups and straddle hops. Ideally, everything should be arranged so you don’t feel cramped or boxed in while you work out.

Choosing Your Equipment Wisely

While you own some of the things needed for the home studio, purchasing additional fitness and gym equipment is on your mind. Take an inventory of what you own and determine what  would help provide more variety and effectiveness to your workout. 

Since crossfit workouts draw on the best elements of many different kinds of activity, remember you will want to buy crossfit equipment that allows you to lift weights, run, row, stretch, and anything else that helps with building stamina, strength, coordination, and speed. Even if you will have to begin with modest goals for the type of exercising you do, go ahead and invest in sturdy equipment. As you become stronger and set more ambitious goals, that quality equipment will come in handy.

Remember there is always the option of adding more features to your home workout space over time. That includes better lighting, some type of music system, and anything else that helps you focus on getting in shape. Start with the basics and it won’t take long before the new fitness studio is one of your favorite areas of the house.

You can even go further and start a new business venture, like organizing a yoga studio and advertise it in your neighbourhood. Though this will definitely require a lot of investments for professional equipment and accessories, personell training, organizing facilities, installing yoga studio software and thousands of other things you should take care of.

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