Looking for Sturdy Sandbags? These 5 Brands are our Top Pics!

Looking for Sturdy Sandbags? These 5 Brands are our Top Pics!

Apr 01, 20200 comments

If you are looking for exercise equipment that’s versatile and fits right in with your home gym plans, choosing to buy sandbags is a great idea. The bags can be used alone or in tandem with other pieces of equipment. Since you want to invest in something that will hold up to a lot of use, it pays to only go with the best. Here are five brands and designs that will provide you with many hours of workout fun.

AmStaff Fitness Deluxe

Perhaps you have never included sandbags in your workouts before. The idea came to you after talking with a friend who uses them regularly. Your first set should be bags that help you explore all the possible ways to use them.

The AmStaff Fitness Deluxe is the perfect place to begin. Along with the sturdy construction of the outer bag, this design includes two 20 pound fillers plus two additional 10 pound ones. Start out with the lighter fillers if you like and add more weight as the resistance helps to build more muscle.

You can purchase a Deluxe that comes with fillers that will hold more sand. For example, there are 60 and 80 pound designs that allow you to increase the amount of weight you are working with once the 40 pound design no longer provides the challenge you want.

You can use these bags for a number of different routines. They are great for leg lifts, various types of arm lifts, and even as something to balance across the shoulders when you perform a series of squats. Carry or drape them over the shoulders when you power walk. Once you have these in hand, it won’t take long to come up with all sorts of ways to put them to good use.

Remember that the Deluxe is well-constructed, but you should avoid using it for anything that involves slamming or dropping on hard surfaces.

Amstaff Premium

If you are looking for something a little smaller, the AmStaff Premium will be perfect. This bad design allows you to work with a maximum of 20 pounds. The filler bags will hold 10 pounds of sand each. You can use this bag for all the things you would do with the Deluxe; it just allows you to begin with less weight. Give it a try for various types of arm lifts, including the types you would do with a set of dumbbells. They will balance well on your legs when you perform sit-ups or you can hold the bags while you raise your upper body during a sit-up. There are even ways you can use the bag to create a little additional resistance while using a leg press machine.

Like the Deluxe, the Premium does not come with sand included. They also are not recommended for any type of activity involving slamming or dropping on a hard surface.

Brute Force Strongman

After you have been working out for some time and achieved a reasonable level of muscle tone, it’s time to add more weight. That’s where the Brute Force Strongman comes in. Designed to work well with anything between 50 and 125 pounds, you can use this bag for additional resistance in a number of routines. These are great to hold onto when you perform deep-knee bends.  You’ll find them to be ideal for clutching as you perform various types of arm lifts. Any exercises that help to add strength and definition to your shoulders and upper arms can be enhanced using these bags.

As with other sandbags, the Strongman is not intended to be tossed around or dropped. The bag is easy to clean and storage is simple. If you want to take them along on a trip, simply empty the sand and fold the bag and fillers for transport. Once you arrive at your destination, it will be easy to obtain sand to fill them for the duration of your stay.

GoFit Extreme

Long considered a staple in many online and traditional sport equipment stores, the Extreme is also a good choice for beginners. You can adjust the weight anywhere between 2 and 64 pounds using the three filling inserts. Those inserts include a five pound filler matched with a 22 pound filler and a 35 pound one. People who have have been inactive for years and want to work on form with a minium of weight will find these helpful.

The size makes these bags ideal for building grip strength. They can also be used to build and tone your forearms. Owing to the smaller size, packing these for a trip will be easy. As with other designs, leave the sand at home and fill the inserts when you arrive at your destination.


The Ethos is a larger bag that is designed to help you build resistance and upper body strength. They can be used for any workout routine focusing on toning and sculpting your pectoral muscles, shoulders, and arms. Carry or lift them as a way to build endurance and increase balance. This design comes with six handles that make it easy to control the bag while you work out. Since the bag itself is not rigid, it’s easy to drape the up to 60 pounds across your shoulders for walking, squats, and other routines.

Sandbags are an excellent choice whether you have worked out for years or are just getting started after a long period of inactivity. Compare the merits of these five brands and decide which ones would offer the benefits you need right now. Pair them with other simple equipment like dumbbells, exercise boards, and general exercise machines for sale at your favorite online or offline location. Try the bags for a couple of weeks and see what you think. As you begin to notice how they help add more to each of the routines you do, it will be easy to see how the money you spent on them is worth every penny.

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