Our Top Crossfit Equipment Picks

Our Top Crossfit Equipment Picks

Jun 30, 20200 comments

Not everyone can jump right into an intense exercise program and master the use of different machines. Crossfit training is a relatively uncomplicated approach that allows you to utilize your own body weight to create resistance and gradually tone and build muscle. In order to create an effective exercise routine, it pays to invest in some specific types of crossfit equipment. Include these equipment picks in your initial routines and it won’t take long to see positive results.

Jump Ropes

Jumping rope is something many people do as children. Just as it was physically good for us as kids, it continues to be an important element of a crossfit workout. The combination of cardiovascular benefits along with working and toning muscles makes the rope a great place to begin. The fact that it’s fun will also help you look forward to the workouts and provide motivation on days when you are tempted to skip exercising.

For your efforts, go with a cable speed jump rope. It’s designed to hold up well and the grips are usually easier to manage. Of all the crossfit equipment you could buy, this will be one of the less expensive and one of your favorite purchases.


Of all the crossfit weights for sale on the market, dumbells are among the most versatile you could purchase. Make sure the ones you choose are coated and have a sturdy grip design. That ensures they won’t slip while you are attempting to perform one of the many routines you can do with these handy devices. Make sure to purchase sets in in more than one weight type. That allows you to use lighter ones for certain exercises and heavier ones for more intense workouts.

Hand Grips

Choosing to buy hand grip sets is also a smart move. These devices do wonders to improve your grip and strengthen your wrists. Some designs make it possible for  you to adjust the tension up to as much as 300 pounds. While you will want to start with something less ambitious, it’s nice to know that you can use the grips just about anywhere.

Consider how you could work out with the grips while you watch television, wait at the bus stop, or take the commuter train to and from your place of employment. They don’t take up much space, so you can certainly take them along for a business trip and use them while you are relaxing in your hotel room.

Pay close attention to the amount of tension provided by each design. Start with a lower amount and work your way up. One of the first signs you’ll see that they are working is a slight increase in the size of the wrist and how easily you find it to grip objects without any stress.


Sandbags are versatile additions because you can use them in so many ways. Hold them while you do sit ups, or hold one in each hand while you perform arm extensions. You can even place them on your lower legs while you do leg crunches. Some bags are designed to allow you to add or remove the contents, making it easy to adjust the weight and the level of resistance. When you purchase sandbags, make sure the shell is sturdy enough to hold up to a lot of use.

Gymnastics Rings and Climbing Ropes

A set of gymnastics rings and a climbing rope will help tone your upper body as you have some fun. With the rings, you can do simple pull ups that help to build your shoulders, chest, and arms. The climbing rope provides the opportunity to work your back muscles along with the arms and the legs. Both options can be mounted in a home gym with relative ease and require a minimum of maintenance. Along with improving your fitness level, these two pieces of equipment will help you work off stress at the end of a hectic day.

While there is plenty of other crossfit equipment too choose, start with these basics. Once you master them and see what they do for your physical fitness, feel free to add more equipment. Along the way, you will find that crossfit workouts do a lot for your mind as well as your body.

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