What are Bulgarian Bags Used For?

What are Bulgarian Bags Used For?

Nov 11, 20200 comments

Bulgarian bags are exercises devices that come in a crescent shape. As with other types of bags used in workouts, they are typically filled with sand. The great thing about Bulgarian bags is that they can be used to increase the results from a number of simple exercises. Here are some examples of how you can put the bags to good use.

Add Weight For Your Squats

When people ask “what are Bulgarian bags" and receive an answer, the next logical question is “how much weight can the bags hold?" They may have a capacity of as little as 11 pounds or as much as 50 pounds. That makes them an idea choice for using during squats.

Simply place the Bulgarian bags around your neck and perform the squats as you normally do. A variation is to hold the bag close to your chest while in the upright position and then extended it outward as you go into the squat. Return it to your chest as you go from a full squat to standing upright. Repeat as much as you like.

Toss Them Like a Medicine Ball

The basics of the Bulgarian bag make it an easy substitute for a number of other kinds of exercise equipment. For example, if you like to toss a medicine ball around with a workout partner, you can do the same with the bag. The crescent shape makes is easy to toss and to catch. You’ll find some tips on how to use the bag in this manner with just about any Bulgarian bag training system.

Make Them Part of Your Step Aerobics Workout

When it comes to using something to add a little more weight during your step aerobics, Bulgarian bags are the way to go. In the Bulgarian bag vs sandbag comparison, you’ll find that the shape makes it easier to wear the Bulgarian bag around your shoulders. That helps to provide even more resistance as you step up and down, which in turn helps to challenge your legs and your core to a greater degree.

Use Them During Push-Ups

So what are Bulgarian bags and how do they add more challenge to exercises like push-ups? With a bag around your neck, there is more resistance when you attempt the up and down motion common with this kind of exercise. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the push-ups by toning shoulder and arm muscles. The effect also ripples down your chest and provides a little more resistance to your abdominal muscles. You’ll find suggestions on how to get the most from this approach in any Bulgarian bag training system guidelines.

They Work Well for Chin-Ups Too

Just as they work great for push-ups, you’ll find that the design basics of the Bulgarian bag also help with increasing the results from doing chin-ups. Drape the bag over your shoulders and perform the exercise as usual. The additional resistance helps to build neck muscles, works your shoulders, and certainly increases the benefits to your arms and even your chest. Combined with your body weight, it’s obvious that this device will come out on top of any Bulgarian bag vs sandbag comparison.

Around the Neck for Running in Place or Just Running

Bulgarian bags are great for any type of workout that involves running. Perhaps you routinely run on a treadmill or run in place. With the bag around your neck, you increase your heart rate while also providing more tension for your legs. The same holds true if you decide to go jogging instead. If someone asks you what are Bulgarian bags and do they make a difference while running, you now know the answer.

Power Walking Works Too

Just as they work well for running, the Bulgarian bags will add some benefits to your power walks. As you quickly walk during at least a 30-minute period, having the bag draped over your shoulders creates additional tension for the legs. That in turn also helps to tone and strengthen your core. In the Bulgarian bag vs sandbag, you can bet that this crescent-shaped device will provide more benefits and be easier to keep in place.

Swing Them Round and Round

One of the basics of the Bulgarian bag is the versatility of the device. Do you perform a few exercises that are designed to work your rotator muscles? They likely involve swinging something in a circular motion. You’ll find that the design of the bag makes it ideal for this purpose.

Look at any Bulgarian bag training system and you’ll find instructions for swinging the bags in wide circles. You can grip a bag with both hands and swing it in front of your body. You can also opt for smaller bags that can be manages with one hand. Hold one in each hand and swing each arm in a pattern that is similar to the movements you would use while swimming.  Along with providing a reasonable amount of resistance, this exercise is also a great stress-breaker.

Dont Forget Leg Extensions on a Weight Bench

Within any Bulgarian bag training system, you’re sure to find instructions for using the bags while performing leg extensions. You can sit on a weight bench for this exercise or in any type of straight-backed chair. Place the bag over your ankles and then slowly lift and extend the legs. Hold the fully extended stance for a count of five, then slowly return to the original position. The workout will help build leg and thigh muscles.

So what are Bulgarian bags and why should you include them in your arsenal of resources for workouts? They are one of the simplest and most versatile pieces of equipment you could own. In terms of a Bulgarian bag vs sandbag, they are easier to grasp and stay in place with less effort. Invest in one or two sizes today and see what you think. It won’t take lone to see why many people find the basics of the Bulgarian bag easy to master and wouldn’t think of working out without them.

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