Workout Anywhere: The Benefits of Kettlebells

Workout Anywhere: The Benefits of Kettlebells

Sep 27, 20200 comments

There will come a time when you want to add kettlebells to your roster of home gym equipment. Considered one of the more versatile ways to work out, there are a lot of benefits that come from using this type of equipment regularly. Here are some things you should know about kettlebells, how you can use them effectively, and even where you can work out if the mood strikes

Understanding Kettlebells

So what are kettlebells anyway?  The basic kettlebell is made of cast iron or cast steel and is round in shape. There is a single handle connected to the body. Many designs have grips on the handles, giving you more control as you work out. There are also vinyl dipped versions that many people prefer. The balls can be purchased in a number of different weights, ranging from a few pounds to as much as 80 pounds.

Is Training Needed?

When it comes to kettlebell training, it does make sense to work with someone who has used them in the past. Many of the exercises you can do are easy to learn, but some will require a little more effort to master. If working with someone at a local gym to learn the basics is not possible, there are videos online made with kettlebell for beginners in mind.

Even if you have worked some with them in the past, it never hurts to look into some additional training geared toward kettlebell for professionals or seasoned athletes. Doing so will help correct any minor habits you’ve picked up that keep the workout from being as effective as possible. You may even learn a new exercise or two which will add variety to your workout.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

While you may be aware of several kettlebell benefits, there are likely others that will come as a surprise. For example, did you know that regular kettlebell exercise helps with hand-eye coordination? Maybe you didn’t realize that they can help improve your balance as well as build upper body strength. One benefit that is not well-known is the impact on your hips. The routines that require jumping, turning, and running will help tone that part of the body as well as your legs.

You can even lose weight with kettlebells. The right combination of exercises will help burn calories while also toning muscles. After you’ve used them several times a week for a month or so, you will begin to see as well as feel the difference.

Choosing the Right Kettlebells

The most effective kettlebells are the ones that you can grip easily and have enough weight to challenge you during the workout. Feel free to start out with less weight, especially if you are beginning to work out again after doing nothing the last few years. Gradually invest in a few more kettlebells that are heavier, but keep the lighter ones. They will be convenient to take along on vacations or business trips, allowing you to work out just about anywhere you like.

Remember that you don’t need a lot of room to store kettlebells. It’s easy to use them at home, keep a set in your desk drawer for a quick workout on your lunch hour, or take along when you go to the beach, the lake, or any other type of weekend getaway. Invest in a quality set today and put them to good use. It won’t be long until you see the benefits emerging.

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