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What Kind of Routines Can Be Done With Cable Machines?

Cable machines provide the resistance needed to work different muscle groups. It’s possible to invest in attachments that expand the function of a machine, effectively turning it into a home gym all by itself. Here are some examples of the routines that can be done with the right machine.


A rowing attachment provides the same type of workout that occurs when someone is rowing a canoe across a lake. The steady movements help to strengthen the muscles in the back, forearms, and the upper arms. The activity also helps with defining the pectorals and chest areas.


Cable machines can also be ideal for performing squats. Adjust the tension to provide greater resistance and the effects will soon be seen in terms of stronger thighs and lower leg muscles. The squatting also helps to firm the middle section of the body.

Pull Downs

Pull downs involve gripping handles while the arms are raised and then lowering them until the hands are level with the thighs. The resistance provided by the cables helps to work the muscles found along the fronts and backs of the arms. The reps also help firm the muscles around the neck and the shoulders.

Take a look at a couple of cable machines today and learn more about the routines that can be done using them. Thanks to the features found on the machines, being able to work through several different routine without making a lot of adjustments will be easy.