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Why Using Equipment that Relies on Body Weight Makes Sense

One of the most overlooked workout resources is the body weight. There are many different exercises that use the natural weight as a way to provide the resistance needed to achieve results. Best of all, the equipment needed is usually simple, easy to use, and can be stored in a small space. Here are some examples to consider.

Push Up Bars

These handy bars provide something to grip while doing push-ups. The slight angle found with many models also helps to increase the resistance. That results in strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles more efficiently.

Gym Rings

Suspending a set of gym rings from the ceiling paves the way for broadening the range of exercises to include in a routine. Lifting, swinging, and other types of movements make it possible to work the arms, shoulders, chest, and even the abdominal muscles.

Inversion Equipment

Inversion exercises help to build leg strength along with working the abdominal muscles and strengthening the glutes. Many people find that inversion boots and similar equipment also help to keep the back stronger and more supple.

Learn more about equipment that makes the best use of body weight today. At least one or two of those options will be a welcome addition to those workouts.