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Yoga and Pilates: Great for Rest Days

Not everyone can set aside time for a complete workout each day. In some cases, it’s advisable to have a day off now and then. Those rest days don’t mean that the individual has to omit exercising altogether. It just means there needs to be some activity that’s a little different from the official workouts. This is where the idea of yoga and pilates comes into the picture.

The Benefits of Yoga Stances

There are many stances used in yoga that help to benefit the body. Stances that help to stretch specific muscle groups are great for days in between full-fledged workouts. Some stances focus more on the arms and upper body, but others are intended to increase blood circulation and muscle tone to the legs and the rest of the lower body. Investing in a yoga mat provides the perfect setting for mastering these stances and reaping the benefits of greater muscle tone and a more balanced nervous system.

Don’t Overlook Pilates

Pilates are also a great solution for those rest days. Different exercises can help to maintain those gains in muscle mass, stretch various muscle groups, and improve posture. Incorporating the use of exercise balls during pilates broadens the range of activities and will also enhance the motor skills.

Mental as Well as Physical Benefits

Yoga and pilates do more than increase endurance and tone muscles. They also provide mental and emotional benefits. When done properly, both can help to elevate the mood and defuse the effects of stress and tension. Along with taking care of the body, incorporating yoga and pilates into the overall fitness plan will mean more mental clarity, a balanced mood, and a greater capacity to enjoy life.

It’s fine to take a day off from the gym now and then. Just remember that there are still plenty of ways to keep the body in shape on those rest days. Invest in some equipment for yoga or pilates and put them to good use.